What to Know About 2023 Color of the Year "Digital Lavender"

For most design enthusiasts, the new year is one of the most exciting times; a transition period that's met with exhilarating anticipation. As we close the book on 2022—and all the major design trends associated with it—we look forward to how our homes will continue to evolve in the 12 months ahead. Which phenomenons will take center stage? Which fads will prove to be fleeting? Is there a color the industry will be obsessed with? Well, according to consumer research company WGSN, a shade called Digital Lavender will rule 2023.

A soft pastel, the 2023 Color of the Year exudes serenity, stability, and, despite its name, digital escapism. "It’s a sensorial shade that connects to holistic wellbeing and digital optimism," explains Gemma Riberti, WGSN's head of interiors. "This shade poses that much needed cautious optimism and escapism that people are craving post-pandemic and even in times of budget crunch, it is imaginative and creative but also speaks of hope and balance."

Though "it" colors are often met with a tinge of skepticism, WGSN combined its 20 years of forecasting experience with sister company Coloro to find the perfect pigment. Not only did research suggest that purple has a shorter wavelength—which often promotes a sense of calmness and balance—but this specific pastel shade has been on the rise since the Spring/Summer fashion collections. And, if WGSN and Color's data is any indication, Digital Lavender is expected to become even more popular.

The 2023 Color of the Year may already have runway appeal, but Riberti says Digital Lavender has plenty of potential in the home, too. "It works best for spaces and ranges where it can speak to healing rituals and the impact on wellbeing," she shares. "Bedding, kids’ and guest rooms, bath ranges, throws, lighting but also glazed ceramics and tinted glassware are all interesting areas of opportunity."

In the meantime, as we enter 2023, let these picks let the lavender haze creep up on you:

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