Who Knew Geraint Thomas Had Dad Jokes? Here Are the Funniest Giro D’Italia Social Media Moments This Week

106th giro d'italia 2023 stage 12
The Funniest Giro d'Italia Moments of the WeekTim de Waele - Getty Images

We love a race that is serious business, but doesn’t take itself so seriously. The Giro d’Italia has been masterfully walking that fine line this year.

On their social media feed they’ve been heckling teams, engaging with fans and riders, and generally appear to be having a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

Here, we’re rounding up our favorite tweets and social posts from the race along with some gems from riders, viewers and teams.

The Great Bus Race of the 2023 Giro d’Italia

As stage 13 started wet and required a shift in location, team buses raced their way (slowly) to the new starting point. The Giro commentators used this downtime to talk about tires... for the buses, not the bikes.

The great bus race to the start quickly picked up traction....

Bahrain Victorious’s bus also got into the pre-race commentary:

But even before the bus debacles, the Giro woke up firing on all cylinders, making light of the torrential downpours with this wake-up call (props to their social media manager for crushing this morning tweet on the daily):

TFW you’re just waiting for the race to start picking up...

Cycling journalist Robyn Davidson caught this gem:

And it may be impossible to top this final gem, first from the Giro social team, followed by an amazing response from Geraint Thomas, followed by—wait for it—a response from Ben Stiller? What is happening?

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