Kitty Getting a Visit from the Tooth Fairy Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Wait until you see what the tooth fairy leaves this cat!

When your kitten is around 4-7 months of age, their milk teeth will start to fall out and be replaced by grownup cat teeth. Most pet owners don't notice this, because it usually happens during mealtime and your cat will just swallow the tooth. Well, TikTok user @ Tripp.n.Moo was lucky enough to catch this little milestone in action and decided to give little kitten Tripp a surprise. 

Watch this adorable video and see what the tooth fairy left under Tripp's pillow! 

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Don't you just love it? Such a cute idea. @Candylove30008 posts, "So sweet! You're the best cat mom." @Aprilcesspooch comments, "How sweet.  Thank you tooth fairy!" @Stud-ioproductions says, "The Toof Fairy is good to kitties who believe!" 

We just love this sweet kitty and this sweet idea! Tripp is just so cute discovering his treats the tooth fairy left under his pillow. It just makes us wonder if he'll be checking for them every time he wakes up! It's always so fun to see the creative and sweet ways pet owners spoil their pets. Now we can't way to see what this cat mama does when Santa Claus comes! 

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