Kitten's Adorable Pumpkin Photoshoot Is So Sweet We Can't Even

This is too cute for words.

'Tis the season when all pet lovers are attempting to create the perfect fall photoshoot with their furry friends. Dogs as ghosts? Guinea Pigs as bats? Kittens as witches? It's all happening! There's nothing better than seeing all these adorable pets celebrating spooky season with their pumpkins and costumes. 

Beloved Australian photographer Anne Geddes was probably the very first artist to pose a baby with a pumpkin, and now every parent tries to recreate this iconic image with their own baby. Why should pet parents be any different? Just watch the following video posted by @Shivvvvyy of her beautiful little kitten posing with pumpkins. No baby? No problem! 

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We love this so much! @SeanMay says, "For everyone’s sake, take 5,000 photos." @Mayganwall says, "If I ever have a kid I will be putting them in a pumpkin! But I have 3 cat babies sooooo in the meantime.." Awww, bless. @Suga says, "Cats are simply the better babies." Adding to this sentiment, @ArazTalakan says, "Cats ARE babies." 

Human babies, cat babies, we love seeing all of it! This kitten seems to enjoy it too! @Loopytwoshoes had the same reaction with her babies, posting, "My wee kitten loved eating the pumpkin when I was carving it !" Aww, how perfect, a cute photoshoot and a snack for your cat, what could be better? 

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