Kit Kat Is Selling A 160-Piece Variety Pack That Includes A New Strawberry & Crème Flavor

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Hershey's
Photo credit: Hershey's

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It’s always a good day when Hershey’s Kit Kat has a new flavor for us snack on! The brand has a new bag of miniatures assortment that includes a Strawberry & Crème flavor that we haven’t seen before.

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In 2017, Hershey’s released six new candies as part of its Flavors of America collection that honored iconic flavors in six states. Among them was the Kit Kat Strawberry Crème bar for California. The new assortment bag with the Strawberry & Crème crisp wafers was inspired by the Flavors of America collection, as well as Kit Kat’s recent seasonal flavors, a Hershey’s PR rep confirmed to Best Products.

The miniatures assortment bag includes the Strawberry & Crème flavor, as well as Kit Kat Milk and Kit Kat White Crème. Each of the small chocolate candies are wrapped individually with different colors for packaging, so you can please your palate with all three flavors.

As of now, the new Strawberry & Crème flavor is only available in the variety pack, but Hershey’s is always innovating, said the rep. So there’s hope that it’ll be turning up in more ways. The 160-piece bag is listed on Instacart as being available at Costco, so you can keep an eye out there as well.

Now if you would excuse us, we have to hunt down the Strawberry & Crème flavor and see how they compare to the Kit Kat Raspberry Crème that came out this past Valentine’s Day.

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