Kinsley, Kaia, Kapri—75 Girl Names That Start With the Letter 'K'

A lot of families choose to name their children with names that begin with the same letter. We think this choice is absolutely adorable and a wonderful display of alliteration! So, we're excited to share this list of 75 girl names that start with "K."

Some people may argue that with names beginning with the same letter, it could be that much more difficult to differentiate your children. However, in our experience, parents are going to yell at the wrong child no matter what their names are! Maybe you're going for a Kardashian-style klan when it comes to your kids' names, or maybe you just love the idea of "K" being your daughter's first initial—whatever the reasoning, there are so many beautiful monikers to choose from.

If you're growing your family or simply looking through baby names for the future, you're in luck! (Especially if you're looking for names that begin with the letter "K.")

75 Best Girl Names Starting With K

1. Kyra

Of Greek origin, this name means "lord" and can be pronounced either with a hard E like "kee-ruh" or a hard I like "k-eye-ruh."

2. Kruze

Meaning "cross," this Spanish name refers to either the cross or the crucifixion and is pronounced like "cruise."

3. Kennedy

Although seemingly more feminine, this Irish name is considered gender-neutral.

4. Kylie

Kylie is an Australian name, and surprisingly is also the Indigenous word for "boomerang" or "curved returning stick."

5. Kimberly

An English name meaning "from the meadow or the royal fortress," Kimberly was popular in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. Less popular now, but still just as beautiful, this is considered a vintage or classic name.

6. Kendall

Another British originating name, Kendall literally refers to the Kent river valley in southwest England.

7. Kaylee

While the English version of this name means "crown," the Irish version means "slender."

8. Kinsley

Meaning "King's meadow" this British-originating name is also considered gender-neutral.

9. Keisha

Of Hebrew origin, Keisha is the more modern version of Keziah and means "cinnamon."

10. Karter

Derived from Carter, this German name literally translates to "transporter of materials" and was held by those whose occupation was to prepare wool for spinning.

11. Kaia

This Scandinavian name has a few meanings: "life," "pure" and "the sea." It is pronounced similarly to Kyra with the hard I, but without the R. 



12. Katherine

Also meaning "pure," Katherine is of Greek origins.

13. Kayla

Known in Hebrew as Kelila, Kayla is a Yiddish name meaning "slim and fair."

14. Kali

Kali is a Hindu goddess and master of time, change and death. This Sanskrit name can mean either "the black one," "time" or "Divine Mother."

15. Kamari

An Arabic originating name meaning "moon" this name holds the same connotations of the soft light that illuminates the night sky.

16. Kailani

Hawaiian in origin, Kailani means "sea and sky" and is pronounced "k-eye-lawn-ee."

17. Kate

A shorter form of Katherine, Kate is a Greek name that means "pure."

18. Kameron

Although Kameron means "crooked nose" it is more commonly associated with the beauty of the country Cameroon.

19. Kris

This Latin name is considered gender-neutral and means "follower of Christ."

20. Katalina

An elegant name, Katalina is another Greek name that means "pure."

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21. Korbin

This Latin name is derived from the French surname Corbeau and means "raven." It was most commonly chosen for babies with dark hair.

22. Kiara

Holding both Irish and Italian roots, Kiara can mean "bright," "clear" or "dark." It is pronounced as if you were smushing together the words "key," "are" and "uh." 

23. Kira

In Greek, Kira is taken from the masculine kyrios which means "lord." Kira therefore means "mistress" or "lady" and is pronounce "kih-ruh." 

24. Keely

Coming from the Irish word caoil, meaning “slender,” Keely is an anglicized version of Caoilfhionn and means "fair," another version is Keelin.

25. Kenzie

The Scottish version of Keely, Kenzie means "the fair one."

26. Kelsey

This nautical name symbolizes success and triumph and is a British gender-neutral name that literally means "ships victory."

27. Kathryn

Another Greek name meaning "pure," Kathryn comes from the Greek word "katharos."

28. Kimber

Kimber is a British name and another version of Kimberly. It means "Cyneburg's field" or "royal forest."

29. Kori

An American name, Kori translates to "hollow." It also stems from the Greek word "kore" which means "maiden."

30. Kendra

It's debatable whether Kendra is British or Celtic in origin, but either way, this name holds a few meanings: "knowing," "greatest champion," "wise ruler" or "high hill."

31. Kassidy

Of Gaelic origin and stemming from Caiside, Kassidy means "clever" or "curly-headed." This name is thought to be gender-neutral.

32. Kacey

Another gender-neutral Irish name, Kacey means "vigilant." It comes from the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Cathasaigh and the Old Irish name Cathassach

33. Kenna

The Gaelic feminine version of Kenneth, Kenna translates to "fire-born" or "handsome." Remember once upon a time women were considered handsome while men were thought to be beautiful!



34. Karina

Of Scandinavian origin, Karina means "chaste" or "pure." It is an especially popular name among those who hold the Christian faith.

35. Karla

This German name is the feminine to the masculine Karl. Both mean "free man." Perfect for your little girl with a free spirit!

36. Kaydence

Not surprisingly given its origins in the word cadence, the name Kaydence holds meanings such as "rhythm" and "flow."

37. Kiana

The Irish Kiana means "ancient" or "God is gracious" while the Hawaiian Kiana means "divine" or "heavenly."

38. Kaitlyn

A modern Greek version of the Irish name Caitlin that's been around since the Middle Ages, Kaitlyn means "pure."

39. Kailey

This Americanized spelling is the modern version of the Irish Kayley or Kaylee, which comes from the surname O'Caollaidhe meaning "narrow." Kailey can also mean "slim" and "fair."

40. Kaiya

Kaiya is a Japanese name meaning "forgiveness." How beautiful a reminder to not take life so seriously.

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41. Kellan

Holding both German and Irish origins, Kellen means "slender" in both.

42. Katie

Of British origin, Katie means "pure" in the same ways as the Greek Kate and Katalina.

43. Kristian

The Scandinavian spelling of the Latin name Christian, Kristian means "follower of Christ."

44. Kyleigh

The more American spelling of the Australian Kylie, Kyleigh can mean "narrow channel," "strait" or, you guessed it, "boomerang."

45. Kathleen

The Irish version of the Greek Catherine, Kathleen means "pure."



46. Kiersten

Kiersten is a Danish and English form of Kirsten and translates to "follower of Christ."

47. Karen

This East Asian name is common in Japan and means "lovely" or "pretty." Although current trends on the internet suggest otherwise, this name and its meanings are perfectly suitable for your lovely baby girl.

48. Kenia

Of Welsh origin, Kenia is the feminine variation of Kendrick and means "greatest champion."

49. Kamilah

Popular in the late 1800s, this Arabic name means "perfect."

50. Kaya

This Native American name is considered suitable for both males and females and translates to "little but wise."

51. Kody

The British originating Kody is gender-neutral and means "helpful."

52. Kaylin

Holding both Irish and American origins, Kaylin has many meanings. Among them are "slender and fair," "pure," "saintly" and "keeper of the keys." Fans of Hagrid will surely love this name!

53. Kristine

The Hebrew Kristine can mean "follower of Christ" or "anointed."

54. Kelly

A common Irish surname, Kelly means "war," "bright-headed" or "lively."

55. Karlee

Another German name meaning "free woman," Karlee can also mean "blissful."

56. Kassandra

Stemming from Greek mythology and Cassandra, this spelling means "unheeded prophetess" much like the Trojan priestess of Apollo.

57. Kapri

Taken from the Italian island of Capri meaning "goat" or "wild boar," the popular American name Kapri means "whim."

58. Kristina

Another Scandinavian variation of "follower of Christ," Kristina is more commonly found in Germany or Sweden.



59. Kamille

Of both French and Latin origins, Kamille translates to "helper of the priest."

60. Karlie

With Slavic origins, this spelling is another name that means "free man."

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61. Kyndall

A variation of Kendall, Kyndall means "ruler of the valley."

62. Kashmir

This Sanskrit name literally translates to "land desiccated from water." The traditional story says that Kashmir was a lake that drained by the great saint of ancient India, Kashyap.

63. Kristen

This Latin originating name is another that means "follower of Christ." In German, it literally means "Christian."

64. Kayleen

Of English origination, Kayleen is a Christian name that means "beloved."

65. Krystal

From the Greek krystallos, Krystal means "sparkling." You'll know as soon as you look into those sparkling eyes that this is the name for your baby girl!

66. Kianna

An American derivative of Quiana, Kianna translates from the Persian "queen" to the Irish "enduring one" and can mean "ancient" or "archaic."

67. Karmen

This Spanish name gets its meaning from Mount Carmel in Palestine and translates to "fruitful orchard."

68. Kenzi

The Scottish Kenzi means "of Mackenzie." Mackenzie means "fire-born" or "good-looking."

69. Kirby

With English, Irish and Norse roots, Kirby means "settlement by a church." With an emphasis on both place and faith, this name is perfect for the family who holds that faith close.



70. Kalliope

Another iteration of Calliope, the muse over eloquence and Epic poetry, Kalliope is a wonderful choice for your little one!

71. Krista

Another name that means "follower of Christ", this spelling variation is of Czech descent.

72. Karis

A  nod to Greek mythology's Charities, who were goddesses of nature, beauty, charm, fertility, and human creativity, Karis is a Greek name meaning "grace."

73. Kinsey

This gender-neutral British name means "kings' victory." This noble name derives from the Old English name Cynesige from the words "cyne" meaning “royal” and "sige" meaning “victory.”

74. Kendal

A slightly shorter version of Kendall, this British name also refers to the Kent river valley.

75. Katia

The Russian version of Kate, Katia is another name meaning "pure." It is pronounced "cot-ee-uh."

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