Kings Hawaiian Roll-Flavored Ice Cream Is Our Newest Obsession

People who love King's Hawaiian rolls really love them. Ideal for sliders, they have many other applications, too, like bread pudding and croutons. But even the most devoted Hawaiian roll fans have likely never had ice cream that's made with them.

Well, grab your spoon because Salt & Straw has once again transformed a beloved food into an ice cream flavor. Introduced last year, the ice cream company's Parker House Rolls with Salted Buttercream flavor is truly fantastic—and it's made using real King's Hawaiian Rolls.

"What's a holiday feast without warm, fluffy rolls? We carb-load by gently folding buttered rolls topped with flaky sea salt into a salted butter ice cream to double down on the savory, making this simple side the most coveted. It’s rich, it’s decadent, and it’s as classic as it gets," a description on the Salt & Straw website reads.

If you love the idea of ice cream accented with buttery pieces of King's Hawaiian Rolls but you don't live near a Salt & Straw location, you're in luck. You can buy a pint of the ice cream on the Salt & Straw website and have it shipped to you anywhere in the United States.

And if you're in the market for more holiday-inspired ice cream, Salt & Straw has you covered with an entire collection they've dubbed The Thanksgiving Series. The collection features five unique flavors: Parker House Rolls w/ Salted Buttercream, Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing, Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce, Mom’s Mango Pie, and Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie. Who needs turkey when you have all these?

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