King Charles Will Likely “Do Something Decisive” to Put the Prince Harry Drama Behind Him

 King Charles
King Charles

When it comes to the seemingly never-ending drama surrounding younger son Prince Harry—The docuseries! The book! The interviews!—it seems King Charles may need to take a page from his mother’s book when it comes to handling private matters in the public eye, OK reports.

The outlet cites royal expert Christopher Andersen as saying that “nothing could rattle the Queen, apparently,” and, if she were still alive, when it comes to Harry, “she would’ve probably taken some action just as she did with [Princess] Diana.”

Andersen is referring to the aftermath of Diana’s bombshell interview with Panorama in November 1995, when Her late Majesty encouraged Diana and Charles to divorce after being separated for three years. Their divorce was finalized on August 28, 1996.

In that vein, Harry’s actions of late will likely spur the King to take action of his own, with the hope of smoothing tensions over before Charles’ coronation in May.

“So I think maybe Charles will channel her [the Queen] in terms of this kind of strength, and at some point do something decisive so he can put it behind him,” Andersen says. “If he can do that before May, I don’t know. But he’ll have to probably do it at some point.”

Andersen draws parallel between Harry and his late mother, who died in a Paris car accident in 1997. The royal expert says the Duke of Sussex is in a “similar situation” as his mother, dropping bombshell after bombshell of his own throughout the pages of Spare, which was released on January 10.