King Charles’s Ex-Butler Reveals Coronation Dress Code Will Be a “Massive Change to Royal Protocol”

King Charles’s Ex-Butler Reveals Coronation Dress Code Will Be a “Massive Change to Royal Protocol”

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The coronation is poised to be an ultra-fancy affair filled with feuding royals and gilded carriages, but don’t expect everyone to come dressed to the nines because King Charles is doing things a little differently.

Instead of enforcing a dress code full of elaborate robes, velvet cloaks, elbow-length gloves, and ermine collars, King Charles wants to keep things slightly more casual—which, according to his former butler Grant Harrold—is a “massive change to royal protocol.”

“This event is going to be so completely different to Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation when it comes to dress codes,” Harrold told Slingo, via Page Six. “Aristocracy traditionally would wear the coronation robes. If you look at the Queen’s coronation, you would see the dukes, duchesses, countesses all had these special robes that were created for the coronation. Historically, these robes were worn by the aristocracy, but now this will not be the case.”

So…what will everyone wear instead? Presumably, something similar to the vibes during a royal wedding.

“For this coronation, most royals will wear suits, not their special robes,” Harrold explained. “This is a massive change to royal protocol. The senior members of the royal family decide the royal etiquette and dress code—they are always changing etiquette as they’re the ones who decide all the changes which will then be accepted as another part of the royal protocol.”

coronation day
The decidedly not-chill vibes at the Queen’s coronation.Fox Photos - Getty Images

“I believe the ladies will wear dresses,” Harrold added. “For the evening event, they might wear ball gowns, but during the day, they will obviously wear something very smart. I don’t think you will see the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Wessex, or the Duchess of Edinburgh wear any tiaras. I really don’t think we’ll see that in the dress code because I think the focus will be more on day wear, showing how relaxed the dress code is for the event.”

There’s actually been a lot of speculation about Kate Middleton’s tiara, so head below for a full (vaguely dramatic) breakdown.

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