Kindergartener Shares Hilarious Criticism for His Mother After First Day of School

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One kid's brutal honesty for his mom goes viral.

A little boy's criticism of his mother's sandwich-making skills immediately after getting off the bus on the first day of kindergarten has gone viral–years after it happened.

One Pennsylvania mother named Ricki Weisberg shared a video on social media of her son, Abe Ndege, giving her his honest review of the sandwich she made for lunch. 

In the video, Abe gets off the bus and comes up to his mother, who says excitedly, "Hey, you did it!"

Abe responds, "Mommy, terrible sandwich by the way."

Weisberg takes it in stride, saying, "Thanks for letting me know," but Abe wants to make sure she understands how bad it was, as he replies, "really terrible."

The video, which was originally shared on Sept. 6, went viral on TikTok and Instagram. 

Jennifer Garner even reposted it on her Instagram page with the caption, "I need to know what kind if [sic] sandwich it was, @ricki_weisberg. 🤣♥️."

After getting millions of views, Weisberg spoke with TODAY Parents and revealed that the video is actually from a few years ago and Abe is currently in fourth grade.

As to why she decided to post it now, Weisberg explained that she shares the video every fall at the start of a new school year and that it serves as an inside joke in her family.

But recently, someone encouraged her to post it on TikTok, so she did. 

A lot of people had the same question as Garner, wondering what sort of sandwich led to such a response. Luckily, Weisberg shared the answer with TODAY Parents. 

She said that it was a sandwich made in a rush that morning after she realized last minute that Abe needed a lunch. 

"It was like rancid butter and jelly sandwich," Weisberg admitted, saying, "It was truly a terrible sandwich and I deserve all the roasting. I am terrible sandwich mom, that's how it goes now."

Now a few years older, Abe loves that the video is going viral and thinks it's "hysterical."

Weisberg said, "He wants to be a YouTuber, so he’s feeling like it’s a big moment for him. He’s pumped up. It’s really cute."

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