Kind Woman's Attempt to Rescue a Newborn Baby Squirrel Is So Touching

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We need more people like her in the world.

Some people train for years to become a successful animal rescuer, while others simply become one. TikTok user @heathercs1 is the latter, and she documented the entire process on her account. Needless to say, TikTok is living for it! 

Someone had informed Heather of a baby squirrel who had fallen out of a tree near her work, and she sprung into action. Calling wildlife centers, keeping the baby comfortable--her to-do list was long! 

She had her camera rolling from the moment she found the little one, and we're so glad she did. Now we all can see (and appreciate) how much work and time went into the squirrel's rescue. They're one lucky critter! 

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What a tiny little thing! We're so glad Heather stepped in to help the baby as soon as she could. Even a cardboard box seems comfier than crawling aimlessly around the grass. 

Of course, there were lots of eager TikTok 'doctors' who were quick to tell Heather what she should do--but we think she did a great job. After all, she was figuring it out as she went! Still, some comments, like the one from @leighvemebe, came from experience and were worth a shot.

"We had a similar thing happen," she commented."Play a video of a baby squirrel in distress near the tree and mom will come running. Worked like a charm." Well--that's exactly what Heather tried in Part 2!

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Wow--Heather is working her butt off to help this baby, and we love her so much for it! The conflicting information must be so frustrating, but she kept at it. 

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And her work wasn't in vain! After a day's worth of phone calls and Googling, the baby squirrel is in safe hands. Thank you, Heather!