Kind Woman Rescues Injured Betta Fish and the Story Has People Invested

His transformation is wonderful to see.

We have all been there, walking through our local pet supply store to pick up dog or cat food and we stop to look at the smaller cage animals or fish and notice one that looks a little worse for wear. Either because they are sick or injured. It's so hard to see and we wish we could take every one of these poor babies home!

Well, that's what amazingly kind TikTok user @Missxashleyy did when they discovered an injured Betta fish at their local pet store. And even though this little guy had a rough start you will be amazed by the end of this sweet video.

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It's incredible how much healthier he looks! Even his colors have come back. This just proves that with love and patience you can totally turn a life around, even for the smallest of creatures. 

"Now I'm invested in this baby. Keep us updated on his progress, " says @Jaditelady173 Mary. @Hauntedandrea has the most upsetting comment with, "As someone who has worked in a pet store I promise you another male didn’t ”jump” in his tank; bored employees put them together to watch them fight." We really hope that isn't true! @AnnaH140 replies, "People that take home the broken and unwanted are heroes to me." Awww, us too! @Twistedtaylor comments, "After the day I had today, a fish on Tiktok pushed me over the edge to sobbing. Keep fighting little dude!"

Betta Fish can live up to five years, and we are hoping this little guy enjoys every single one of those birthdays now that he is home safe and sound.

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