Kim Kardashian Trolls Sister Kendall with Shirt of All of Her NBA Boyfriends

The Kardashians cannot stop trolling each other.

Kim Kardashian shared a video on TikTok yesterday of herself doing daughter North West’s hair. In it, Kim is wearing a black T-shirt with the words “Kendall Starting Live” in bold red letters around a Photoshopped image of sister Kendall Jenner standing amongst all the NBA stars she's dated: Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma, and Jordan Clarkson.

kim kardashian and north west
Kim and North/TikTok

Kardashian doesn’t address the shirt in the clip, but the funny nod to her sister is clear.

Kim’s trolling comes days after Khloé Kardashian trolled her. The Good American co-founder shared photos on Instagram of herself holding her baby son; in them, she is seen wearing a T-shirt with Kim’s face on it, plus her infamous “Get your fucking ass up and work” quote. As readers know, Kim has denied she meant any harm with her words—which she gave as advice in an interview—but still, they have not necessarily aged well.

The sisters are known for poking fun at their viral moments. Some years ago, for her 40th birthday party, Kourtney Kardashian ordered custom napkins printed with the phrase “Most interesting to look at.” The quote came from a scene on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, when an angry Kim said Kourtney was the “least interesting to look at” out of all of them.

Another time, Kendall trolled little sister Kylie Jenner on their family’s show for overlining her lips.

On other occasions, the sisters have reposted memes of Kim’s notorious “ugly cry.” All in good fun.

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