So, Kim Kardashian's Number One Beauty Secret Is Apparently Not Smiling

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Photo credit: Getty

From Cosmopolitan

  • Kim Kardashian shared exactly how she prevents laugh lines.

  • Kim explained the sad reason she doesn't smile as much anymore.

While it's not clear who exactly invented the selfie, Kim Kardashian has dubbed herself the selfie queen with her frequent smizing on Instagram. Kim often goes for a more intense stare-down instead of a smiley picture, and if you thought it was just for ~aesthetics,~ you're mistaken. Apparently, Kim doesn't smile anymore for both ingenious and sad reasons.

While at Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class over the weekend, someone asked Kim to share her secret for smooth skin. She replied, "Don't smile." Hah. Hah. Cool. Kim is probably happy her technique is working, but nobody will ever really know because she'll never smile about it.

Kim also once said she actually doesn't smile because she was body shamed when she was experiencing major swelling while pregnant with North West. She previously told C Magazine that the negative comments "changed the way I viewed wanting my picture taken." She added that she also didn't want to be nice to the people who were taking the pictures of her and selling them. She said:

"Before I was always smiling, and so into being out and about...I don't want to smile for them. I don't want to be out. Even if I was more confident, I just didn’t feel like being that girl who was going to be smiling for every photo. It changed my mood; it changed who I was; it changed my personality a lot."

That's a totally valid point she makes, but it's also really sad, no?

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