Kim Kardashian West's Nipple Slipple at Paris Fashion Week

Photo: WENN

It’s the Kim K show at Paris Fashion Week (wait, isn’t every day the Kim K show?), and she’s doing everything in her God-given power to make sure that no one pays attention to the clothes. On Thursday morning, the reality TV star snuck off to the Balmain fashion show wearing a beanie to disguise her newly dyed platinum locks. When Kardashian arrived at the star-studded show and removed her hat for the big reveal, well, so did Jared Leto. Gasp. What are the odds that they both opted for the same hairdo on the same day, at the same fashion show, seated right next to each other?

Kim’s only response to the coincidence, “Ugh.” OK Kim, Leto may have stole your thunder. But you’re Kim Kardashian West! You know what to do. Get naked.

Hours later, KK revealed all at show number two: Lanvin.

You’ve seen the megastar naked in videos, advertisements, and on the cover of magazines, but up until now, she has worn clothes on the street.  Not anymore! Kim broke the final barrier of nakedness, photographed walking the streets of Paris with her husband Kanye West in a pink, mesh dress with a black overcoat. The thing is, Kim, when your overcoat isn’t buttoned, your chest is completely revealed. And when you wear a mesh dress with no bra, well, your nipples are completely revealed. I guess blondes really do have more fun…

We know that Kimye loves Celine, and we’re anticipating their arrival at the show this week, but we’re worried about how Mrs. West will handle such an understated and classy event. Stay tuned!

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