Kim Kardashian Says It Was Kanye West Who Started the Rumor She Had an Affair with Drake

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian opened up about her relationship with Kanye West during the season three premiere of The Kardashians, revealing that he started a rumor that she had an affair with Drake.

“He was the one that started a rumor that said I was hooking up with Drake, having an affair. Our full marriage, he accused me of that publicly,” she explained. “So the person that’s supposed to protect me the most—publicly would accuse me of having an affair throughout our whole marriage. I really can’t wrap my head around how he thinks he is a protector.”

kim kardashian

Kim also revealed that Kanye asked for “approval” over what she says about him on The Kardashians, and wasn't having it: “I’ll say, ‘Well, you just talked about me in this song, this song, this interview, this interview, and you didn’t ask my permission.’ And I never say anything bad. I never say anything negative. If I say 'I’m exhausted,' I feel guilty about that. I am fucking exhausted!”

Elsewhere, Kim told Kris Jenner that Kanye “looks so down on me for, like, my tape and brings it up all over town, all over the media," saying "thanks for reminding people once again. All of his shenanigans—I don’t even know what the fuck to call it—is going to be far more damaging to the kids one day than my tape will ever be. And I have to sit here and not say anything ever because I know one day my kids will appreciate that and I know that, like, is the best thing for them."

Welp, this season of The Kardashians is already delivering and then some.

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