Kim Kardashian Is Ready to Date Again and Asking Friends to Set Her Up with Non-Famous Ppl

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Kim K Is Asking Friends to Set Her Up With NormalsStefanie Keenan - Getty Images

PSA: If you know any quality (but ideally not famous) single people, Kim Kardashian is officially in the market for dates. Bonus points if the non-famous single person in question works in finance.

After taking a break from the dating game following her split from Pete Davidson in August 2022, Kim is finally feeling ready for romance again and is even asking her friends to set her up with ppl, a source told People. Kim's big caveat to the set-up requests, according to the source, is that she "would love to date someone who isn't famous in Hollywood."

Considering she has enough fame in her pinky finger for several entire couples, that seems like a pretty fair ask on Kim's part. Here's the full quote from Kim's source/anonymous media matchmaker:

"Kim hasn't been dating, but is ready again," the source explained. "She took a breather after Pete, but she is interested now. She would love to date someone who isn't famous in Hollywood. She thinks someone in finance would be perfect."

Another implied quality for Kim's ideal date prospects: Not too busy to jump right in and be a part of her life. Since work commitments and busy schedules reportedly played a role in the ultimate demise of Kim and Pete's relationship, it's not surprising that her love guru source implied she's also looking for someone with the flexibility in their schedule to join her for the many busy things already penciled in on her calendar.

"Kim has a lot of things going on that make her happy," the source added. "She would love to share it all with a partner too."

So, to recap: We're manifesting a non-famous person, ideally someone who works in finance who has enough flexibility in their schedule to share in all of the cool, happiness-inducing stuff Kim has in hers. Please address all recommendations to the universe/concept of love (and cc @KimKardashian, just to be safe).

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