Kim Kardashian Has Pink Hair Now

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Kim Kardashian and KKW Beauty just launched new Creme Color Sticks with Argenis, the winner of Glam Masters, at Beautycon. They'll launch online on April 23.
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Though we'd grown used to a dark-haired Kim Kardashian for years and years, she's recently switched that up by going blonde, a transformation that apparently took 17 hours, all told. Since then, she's been having fun with different lengths and shades, like that brief foray into icy-blue territory over Christmastime. However, she tweeted on Saturday that she's not super thrilled with her blonde hair anymore, saying, "I can’t even tell you how over my blonde hair I am!" and she didn't wait long to make a change.

She didn't go back to her brunette ways, though, as some may have expected. She also said on Twitter the thought of going back to dark hair "makes her sad" so she chose a bright and happy color, instead, and opted for pink hair. She posted a video and a photo to her Twitter account showing off her brand-new look, asking, "Hey guys, do you like my new pink hair?"

Kardashian explained on her app why she dyed her hair pink, saying she's been thinking about it ever since she did CR Fashion Book. She continued, saying, "Since my hair is blond right now, it was easy to put the pink color over it. I figured now was the perfect timing!" She also mentioned that her daughter, North, absolutely loves the new color and that Kanye loves it, too (no word on Saint's thoughts, however).

Fans also seemed to love it, saying, "YOU LOOK SO GOOD WITH PINK" and, "Omg I love it." The new color was done by hair genius Chris Appleton, who was also responsible for Kardashian's original blonde transformation. He also has such clients as Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana Grande.

Appleton explained his process on Kardashian's app, saying it was important to get a color that would complement her skin tone. He said, "There are so many types of pinks to try, so it’s important that you work with a pink that suits your coloring and makeup to get the right look!"

He also gave some tips to help make color last and help pick the right color, as well. First off, try wigs first to get the color right. Then, he says use Olaplex to keep the hair strong. He also recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo and avoiding over-washing the hair, as well as dry-shampooing whenever possible.

If you need more inspiration to go pink, other celebs who have tried out the color (albeit temporarily) are Amber Heard, Zendaya, and Salma Hayek. If you're feeling a change like Kardashian was, don't be afraid to make an appointment ASAP.

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