Kim Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Selfie Is Causing Confusion Among Fans

Kim Kardashian pouting
Kim Kardashian pouting

Not a week goes by without a Kardashian picture causing a stir on social media. The very latest snap that has got the internet talking featured Kim Kardashian posing on a bed in a sexy bikini top, with two other pictures in the same carousel showing her sitting up on the bed and striking some poses. The three-image carousel was posted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram grid on March 14th, and there were more than a few different things that got fans’ attention! Sit tight!

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Kim Kardashian's Fans Are Confused By Weird Shadow On Her Chest

Akin to older sister Kourtney Kardashian, who had fans very worried about what appeared to be a mysterious lump on her arm in one of her latest Instagram pictures, the 42-year-old Skims founder also appeared to have a strange mark on the first picture of her carousel, which one Instagram user said looked like "a ninja turtle." "Why does she have an imprint of the state of Alabama on her chest?" asked another fan, followed by the crying laughing emoji.

"What's the face shadow on your chest?" asked another. "Looks like discoloration or filter malfunction," one fan quipped, followed by a crying laughing emoji, while another thought it was something a little more serious, writing, "I thought her psoriasis is acting up again," followed by a crying emoji.

However, the mark appeared to have been caused by the shadow from Kim's phone, which seems very obvious once you know! "It’s the shadow of her phone," one fan clarified, while another added, "The iPhone’s shadow is such art." "I was trying sooooo hard to figure what that was," another fan said.

Fans Comment On Kim's 'Duck Lips'

Once the confusion about the shadow was cleared up, fans then took to commenting on Kim's lips, which appeared to be plumper than ever, not of course helped by her pursing her lips together and pouting, which has often been referred to as "duck lips" or "duck face."

"2010 called… they need their duckface back," one fan wrote. "So over the duck pose," slammed another. "Duck face: the return," commented another. "Naked skin and duck lips, what else is new?" asked another. "Why does she make that face in every [expletive] post? Horrendous," criticized another, while another bluntly asked, "What happened to your face?" "Her fish lips have frozen in place," another unimpressed fan said, while another added, "The duck lips will give you wrinkles. Plus they look ridiculous."

Other Fans Speculate Kim Has 'New Implants' While Others Slam Her For Being 'Thirsty'

The rest of the comments section varied from fans actually praising her for the "hot," "sexy," and "beautiful," (among other adjectives) pictures to speculating whether she may have had fresh breast implants. "Love the new tatas!" exclaimed one fan. "Well, the implants are back," stated another, followed by a crying laughing emoji, while another asked, "New implants?" "Okay, somebody has new implants," said another, followed by a teary-eyed emoji.

Other fans thought that she was behaving like a very single person by flaunting her curves in her bikini and posting what they deemed "thirsty" pictures. "Someone's been single for too long, that's why she's half naked on Insta," one fan wrote, followed by three crying laughing emojis. "She thirsty for thirsty," wrote another, followed by a yawning emoji. "Single desperate Kim," another IG user criticized, while another said the pictures were "cringy and embarrassing." "Is this what got you uninvited from the Met Gala?" asked another user, in reference to the recent rumor that the KarJenners may not be invited to this year's Met Gala.