Kim Kardashian Is Defending Herself After Her Daughter Claims She Can't Cook

kim kardashian cooking
Kim Kardashian's Daughter Just Roasted Her CookingMediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin

Kids! They say the darndest things!

While celebrating Kim Kardashian this Mother's Day, five-year-old Chicago West casually roasted her famous mom's cooking skills. In response to a prompt about "the best thing she cooks," Kardashian's youngest daughter claimed "mom doesn't cook. She has a chef."

And while sure, fine, she does, in fact, employ a family chef, that's not to say she doesn't know her way around the kitchen. Kim took to Instagram Monday to prove her daughter wrong with a carousel of images from her visit to the White House kitchen back in 2019.

"That one time in the White House kitchen when I actually cooked a grilled cheese...way before Chi's time!" Kardashian wrote in the caption. North, then just six years old herself, also made an appearance in the 'gram—while chowing down on her mom's culinary creation and wearing a chef's hat.

Despite Chicago’s sly commentary on Kim’s cooking, she did manage to flatter her momma in response to other prompts.

“My mom is 22 years old,” she wrote. “Her favorite food is salad … she is really good at going to the gym.” No wonder she looks 22.

Naturally, fans couldn't get enough of the endearing post—and were even quick to join in on the light-hearted trolling themselves.

"[You] can’t convince me that Kim didn’t write that herself 😭," one user wrote. "Seems like you like to sleep a lot Kim," another added, in response to Chi's other fun facts: "Her favorite thing she does to relax is lie down in her bed" and "She likes to sleep with me."

Seems like fans are even quite sure Kim *does* know how to cook. "They really said pick up whatever piece of food and a large bread knife and pose 😂," @cjsedwick17 wrote on IG. "Kim is using bread knife to chopped the tomato 😂," @maryskao20 joked.

Let the haters fuel you, Kimmy!

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