Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building Season Two?

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Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn
Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn

Spoilers ahead through episode six of Only Murders in the Building.

Who killed Bunny Folger? That's the question podcasting trio Oliver, Charles, and Mabel (a.k.a. Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez) sets out to solve in season two of Only Murders in the Building. With a little less than half the season remaining, here are the top theories on who killed Bunny.


Photo credit:  Craig Blankenhorn
Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn

Alice, an artist who slides into Mabel's DMs at the start of the season, was untrustworthy from the start. She not only lied about her background, but was the "Son of Sam" in Oliver's game in the fifth episode—perhaps hinting at her true identity. She also took photos of Bunny's bloodstains, and recreated Mabel's apartment in her gallery, which could suggest she has a knack for staging crime scenes.

An unknown character

Photo credit:  Craig Blankenhorn
Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn

In episode six, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel create an elaborate plan to trap the person who is texting them pretending to be Detective Williams. They lure in the mystery texter to Morningside Park by promising to give them a bloody matchbook.

But when the glitter bomb they've designed to hoodwink the suspect goes off, the trio is distracted, deep in discussion around Charles's dating life, and the texter gets away with the evidence. Later on in the episode, Mabel spots the suspect on the subway, and in a video sent to Oliver, someone is shouting "Bloody Mabel just stabbed some dude"—implying it is a man.

Cinda Canning

Photo credit:  Patrick Harbron
Photo credit: Patrick Harbron

At the end of the sixth episode, Poppy tells Mabel, "Cinda is like a monster and a goddess, it's hard to explain. She didn't finish college. I'm pretty sure she dropped out, and her teeth aren't real. Cinda is a liar. And it goes way deeper than dental implants ... She will do anything to tell a good story. Trust me, you learn a lot about a woman when you manage her calendar. And she's got her sights on you now, so if you and those old men need my help, please let me know. I know where all the bodies are buried. And there are lots of bodies, so to speak."

What if Poppy was hinting at something darker? Would Cinda murder someone to help along the success of her podcast? Or could it have been Poppy?

Jimmy Russo

Cinda interviews Jimmy Russo, a character from Mabel's past, who suggests that she has a "tendency to snap" and claims she chopped off two of his fingers. However, viewers later learn Russo sexually harassed Mabel at work and his injury was an accident. It certainly sounds like he has it out for Mabel, but could he have framed her for murder?


Marv, a devoted fan of the Only Murders podcast, used to work in the Arconia—so he knows the passageways well. Could this superfan have committed the murder to keep the trio working together?

While it's possible, in the finale of season one, he was with his fellow Arconiacs as the trio was arrested—leading people to speculate he couldn't have killed Bunny, changed, and made it outside in time.

That said, the clues about Marv could also lead back to Alice. He mentioned he had a daughter who came out and hates him, and his knowledge about the building could've been passed on to her (if she is in fact his daughter).


Photo credit:  Craig Blankenhorn
Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn

A few signs point to Howard as Bunny's killer. First, there are his glasses—we know the murderer was bespectacled. Then, there's the fact that he knew the value of Bunny's missing Rose Cooper painting. And finally, it's been suggested that Bunny knew her killer. When she opened the door the night of her death, she said, "What the fuck do you want?" Perhaps she was annoyed with Howard for the board meeting that just occurred.

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