Khloé Kardashian Gave Her Sister a Vibrator for Mother’s Day, and We Stan

Summer Cartwright

Khloé Kardashian has proven again that she is, in fact, sister goals. Along with being the ultimate date to parties and the caretaker of the group, she’s also the best socially distant wing woman around. For Mother’s Day this year, she gifted her sister Kourtney with a device perfect for quarantining — a best-selling, clit-stimulating vibrator.

In her Instagram Story, Kourt posted a snap of a care package from Khloé, which included the Sona 2 Cruise clit stimulator. “Only @khloekardashian would think of this,” she wrote, showing off the different gifts any mom would love. Each pretty pink present included a cheeky message next to it. “For the ‘I guess I’ll do it myself’ mommy,” Khloe wrote for the vibrator.

Now, this vibrator is a special one: It uses actual sonic waves to help you climax (you gotta love science). And while it typically retails for around $139, it just so happens to be on sale now — call it a Mother’s Day miracle.


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Not only does the vibrator transmit sonic waves to your clitoris, it comes with what the brand calls “cruise control.” The vibrator can sense when it’s being pressed hard against your body and increases intensity on its own so that you can experience a truly pleasurable and personalized orgasm. Imagine if every sexual partner came with that setting…

If that wasn’t convincing enough, this vibrator comes with 12 different pleasure settings and is designed to fit perfectly around your clit. “You can get off in .3 seconds,” wrote one reviewer. Check please.

Koko was right — it’s perfect for anyone in the “I’ll do it myself” mood. Below, shop this top-of-the-line vibrator while it’s still on sale.


Shop now: $118 (Originally $139);