Khloé Kardashian fans find her latest interior choice hilarious

khloe kardashian fans laughing at interiors choice
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If we ever need a reminder that we lead very different lives to the Kardashians, all we need to do is look at their OTT home decor. From Kendall's solid gold bath tub, to Kris' entire room dedicated to china dinner sets, it's clear they are living on another (richer) planet when it comes to their design decisions. Whatever happened to an IKEA sofa and a few half dead plants? Now, Khloé Kardashian's latest interiors choice has once again reminded us they are on another level of extra.

Yesterday evening Khloé shared a super cute picture of her daughter True on Instagram. However, eagle eyed fans spotted something, err, rather usual in the background of the picture - a Khloé pillow.

Yep, that's right. Khloé has a pillow in her house in the shape of her face, with her face printed on it in black and white. And tbf, she looks great.

A number of fans commented on the unusual decor choice, with one person asking: "You have pillows of your face as decor?" Another said: "It's the pillows of herself for me 💀💀."

Other fans applauded Khloé's choice as they found it hard to imagine seeing themselves on a pillow, with one person saying: "Yo, could I see my face on a pillow version of me everyday? I don't think so lol." Yep, us neither.

The pillow appears to be in what looks like True's playroom as there were mini chairs and cuddly toys next to the cushion. And that's not the only reference to Khloé in True's room - there's also a Khloé cardboard cut out.

We're all for celebrating yourself, but the selfie cushions may be just a bit too far for us. We'll leave the selfie cushions to the Kardashians, and stick to a few textured scatter cushions instead.

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