KFC's New Smash'd Potato Bowl Is Only Available In One City — For Now

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KFC's Famous Bowls are one of the most ingenious creations in fast-food history. It's essentially a poke bowl for fried chicken, layered with mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and shredded cheese. And the success of the Famous Bowl has convinced KFC to go all-in on the food-in-bowls concept. The company has tried mac and cheese bowls, which it brought back earlier this year. Now, KFC has a new concept: the Smash'd Potato Bowl.

The Smash'd Potato Bowl is basically the Famous Bowl if it went all in on the taters. So it makes sense that its test market is Pittsburgh, a city that loves nothing more than to put french fries wherever it possibly can (and some places it can't, including salads).

Even if Patton Oswalt once did a memorable bit making fun of KFC's Famous Bowl, customers aren't complaining. The Famous Bowl has been wildly popular since its introduction in 2006, serving as one of the chain's top-selling items and becoming a menu staple.

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The Smash'd Potato Bowl Is For Potato Lovers

Smash'd Potato Bowl ad
Smash'd Potato Bowl ad

While the original KFC Famous Bowl revolves around a full mix of menu items, the Smash'd Potato Bowl makes potatoes the star. In addition to mashed potatoes, it features french fries galore, along with a cheese sauce in place of gravy, topped with bacon crumbles and shredded cheese. It's also shockingly cheap, selling for $3.49, or $5.49 if you want to add chicken nuggets to the mix. Even if that's not a full meal by itself, that's remarkably cost-efficient for fast food in 2023.

It makes sense why the Famous Bowl would be so successful. Bowl food is easier and more convenient to eat, while still being filling (and often delicious). Prince Harry and Meghan Markle served bowl food at their wedding (although it's a safe bet they didn't serve KFC Famous Bowls).

If you're a big fan of spuds and live in the Steel City, the Smash'd Potato Bowl might be just what you're looking for.

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