Kevin Huvane, CAA Managing Partner | MAKERS Men

Kevin Huvane grew up in the Bronx in the 1970s. From a very early age, Huvane's mother - a housewife and a feminist - shared with him her love for movies, television and the theater.

During his teenage years, Huvane worked as a doorman, bellman and elevator operator at the Wyndham Hotel in New York City. Upon graduating college, the hotel offered him a new position: accommodating celebrity guests. One day on the job, a woman, who witnessed his interactions with a hotel guest, told Huvane he would make a great agent. The next day, Nat Lefkowitz, chairman of the board of the William Morris Agency, contacted Huvane and convinced him to become an agent. He joined William Morris as a mailroom trainee and worked his way up to agent.

When at first he did not succeed in signing established stars, Huvane turned his focus to new artists. He signed Sarah Jessica Parker when she was 19 years old and Julia Roberts shortly thereafter. One evening over dinner, Huvane's mother asked him why Hollywood wasn’t making movies for women and that became his mission: to stand at the forefront of equality.

In 1995, Huvane and his partners took over as the new leadership of Creative Artists Agency (CAA). With a visionary model for client representation and service, CAA pushed boundaries in the industry and continued to lead the way in Hollywood.

He currently serves as Partner and Managing Director of CAA where his personal clients are among the world’s most accomplished actors, directors and writers in film, theatre and television. His rolodex of talent under his management include Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Seacrest, Emma Watson, Tom Cruise and Halle Berry.