Kevin Bacon Steps up To Try and Help Find a Runaway Pig Named After Him

Shutterstock/lev radin

Many celebrities are lucky enough to have fans' pets named after them, and Kevin Bacon is no exception. This story is about a runaway pig named Kevin Bacon, and how human Kevin Bacon stepped in to help find the missing Pennsylvanian pig.

@That Good News Girl Jenn shared the story on Monday, November 13th and it totally made me smile. Pig Kevin Bacon escaped from his pen on October 14th by digging out underneath the fence surrounding it. He was living his best life free for two weeks. His mom, Chelsea, set up a social media page so that people in the town could let her know if they spotted the pig. The news got so big that if you searched "Kevin Bacon news" pig Kevin news popped up before human Kevin news did! That's when human Kevin got involved.

What a great story to be a part of! As a pet owner himself, human Kevin Bacon posted it and within days pig Kevin was back home safe and sound! This isn't the first time Kevin Bacon has had a pet named after him...there's a dog and probably others with the name. But a pet pig using his name is just perfect!

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Commenters loved the story as much as I did. One commenter shared, "Saved his bacon!! Bravo to real Kevin Bacon! His input might have saved pig Kevin Bacon’s life!" @raychiellex3 laughed "LMAO! "Pig Kevin HOGGING the front page" LOL! Your puns are perfection." @Poetica Rose added, "Love this! You know the actor Kevin Bacon has a farm & plays his guitar & sings to his goats!"

If you don't follow human Kevin's page, you should check it out. Him and his wife are pretty entertaining!

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