Kesha's Skin-Care Routine Includes a Butt Mask

“Kesha here, and I am officially an unboxer."

That's how Kesha's latest YouTube video starts. The singer is a newly minted beauty vlogger, and she's embracing all the traditional aspects of the medium, including "getting ready with me" videos, and, now, unboxing. As she writes in the caption, “Who knew I was so multitalented!!! I can open boxes!!!!"

Filming from a gorgeous bathroom that appears to have a chandelier hanging over a soaking tub, Kesha opens her loot and revels in the products like she's been in the vlogging game for years. “I love boxes, you love boxes, my cats love boxes,” she says.

First up, she tears through a box from 111Skin. Her haul includes 111Skin Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Masks, Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Masks, Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks, and under-eye masks. “My makeup artist and I use this brand before red carpets and events, and I always save these masks," she says.

Next, she dives into a box of fan-favorites from Peter Thomas Roth. She calls out the Instant Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, a powdered sunscreen, as one of her favorite SPFs. (Pro tip: we love powdered sunscreen as an SPF topper, but you still need broad-spectrum sunscreen underneath!). She also shouts out the Pro Strength Niacinamide Discoloration Treatment, telling fans that it helps her reduce the appearance of freckles on her lip that she's "not saying look like a mustache"…but just saying.

Finally, she gets into a box of butt masks from Bawdy — and made a case that convinced this non-believer. Butt masks are “kinda my thing,” she says. "I'm the butt mask lady." 

Her loot includes Bawdy's CBD Butt Balm and Clay Butt Mask, because, as she says, "your butt deserves CBD too." We can't argue with that.

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