Kentucky Schoolchildren Are Spending Their Summers Practicing Reading with Shelter Animals

Shelter dogs are some of the silliest and most loving dogs you could ever meet, but their lonely and stressful environment probably isn't helping them shine. Animal shelters can be scary for them! Luckily, there are a plethora of ways that a person can step up for adoptable animals.

In Kentucky, a group of school children are spending their summer practicing reading with the dogs of the Hardin County Animal Shelter. If you think that sounds sweet, just wait until you see the pictures from WHAS 11 News.

This is so wholesome! Not only do these kids get regular opportunities to practice reading, but they also get to spend time with friendly dogs. It sounds like some of the youth volunteers are taking an interest in the shelter and the animals, too!

At first, "a dozen young readers" joined the shelter reading program that was co-hosted by the Hardin County Public Library. Now, they're getting shoutouts from around the world for their selflessness. The shelter even shared pictures of the event on their Facebook page!

These kiddos look like they're enjoying spending time with the adoptable animals, though like the shelter told WHAS 11 News, "it was hard to tell who enjoyed it more-- the kids or the pups!" We can only imagine how special it is to get one-on-one attention after so much alone time in a kennel, but we're sure this is a core memory for the children, too.

Several of the kids were inspired to help the shelter animals even further. First, two young ladies named Lauren and Makenzie set up a lemonade stand to raise money for the shelter. More recently, students Shelby and Jackson donated their hard-earned money as well. If these are the kids who will be one day running the world, the Earth is in good hands.

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