Ken Miller and the history of Cedar Point

Mar. 13—NORWALK — With spring just around the corner, amusement park enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the opening of Cedar Point. While the rides and restaurants are well known, the question arises as to the actual history of the park, which as of 2020 was 150 years old and predates Disneyland.

The Firelands Historical Society will feature Ken Miller, a Cedar Point historian and author at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 15. A local high school teacher, Miller has worked summers at Cedar Point since 2000, and has been with the Town Hall Museum there since 2004. Among other interests, he is a member of the Erie County Historical Society, the National Amusement Park Historical Association, American Coaster Enthusiasts and the Greater Ohio Coaster Club.

During his tenure at the museum, and inspired by the countless questions about Cedar Point facts and trivia, he compiled extensive research into a 400-page book/atlas entitled Rolling Through the Years: A Cedar Point Atlas and Chronology.

Miller's presentation will include some of the highlights of this historical guide, from 1870 through modern times, such as historical markers, timelines, Cedar Point events and some of the 75 maps and 1,200 images which are in the book.

If you enjoy Cedar Point and you love history, you will enjoy this presentation at the Laning Young Research Center, 4 Case Ave. in Norwalk. The meeting is open to the public, and refreshments with a wee bit 'o Irish merriment will be served.