Kelly Slater Unveils New Surfboard, 'Most User-Friendly Shape Ever' (Video)

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Kelly Slater is not an average surfer. That’s should be pretty obvious.

But in case it wasn’t, just look at stats: 11 world titles, the most competitive wins ever, he’s the youngest surfer ever to win a world championship, and the oldest, and he’s still competing today against guys half his age, et cetera et cetera.

Slater is about as far from “average” as possible. And yet, his new surfboard model caters to that demographic of mediocrity: the S Boss created with shaper Dan Mann.

The model comes from the 11x world champ’s signature brand, Slater Designs, and after the previous release of the Great White Twin. This board, in contrast, has a rounder nose, a beginner-friendly yet high-performance layout, and a quad or thruster setup.

For more on the new design, here’s the description:

"Our most user-friendly, pure performance shape. Ever.

"The S Boss combines Kelly Slater’s pursuit of high-performance progression with Dan Mann’s mission to make performance surfing accessible to all by design.

"With a relaxed rocker, forgiving fin cluster, full outline and hidden volume throughout — the S Boss is the most versatile shape in your Slater Designs quiver.

"The result? The best turn of your life. The best airs Kevin Schulz can do. The S Boss is a true universal surfboard built to unlock progression across all conditions and skill levels.

"Recommended with the KS1 template, ridden as a quad. Dan Mann suggests riding this shape on the higher side of your volume range. Kevin Schulz is 168 lbs and rides either the 5’6” (27.6L) in smaller waves or the 5’7” (28.1L) in bigger waves.

"Pair with Slater Designs traction and leash for the best experience."

What's it gonna run ya? About $875.00. Check out the S Boss here.


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