Kelly Rowland on Her Beychella Beauty Routine

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Kelly Rowland–Grammy-winning singer, author, mom, and all-around superstar–made our dreams come true when she appeared in the Destiny's Child reunion during Beyoncé's historic Coachella shows last month. A lot of preparation went into her performance, starting months before, and leading right up until showtime. We caught up with Rowland at the launch for Schick's new Intuition f.a.b. razor and she gave us all the details on how she got ready for that unforgettable set. She also dished on her go-to beauty products, loving laser treatments, and her self-care advice to expecting moms.

In the past you've said you're a beauty hoarder, so if you had to kind of edit down–

-I didn't say hoarder. I probably said whore. Beauty whore!

If you just chose a few products what would they be? Like favorite must-haves.

One would definitely be Shani Darden's Retinol Reform. Another one would be iS Clinical face wash, because I believe in washing your face. I believe in skincare above anything. A sunscreen. iS Clinical has a great sunscreen. Jessica Alba has this awesome [Honest Beauty] Magic Balm for your eyes. It's clear. It's awesome. It's perfect for summertime. Pat McGrath has these beautiful colors in her eye palettes. Stunning for summer. She just gave me [a palette] through my makeup artist, Sheika Daley. And I'm in love with it.

Tell us about your Coachella beauty look. Did it change from week one to week two?

It did change week-to-week. The first week, where we had the rhinestone fatigue camo on-so, so crazy-was a smokier look and a little bit more sultry. It was fun. The next week was glow, glow, glow. I told Sheika I really wanted to glow. And she glowed me right on out. I loved it.

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In terms of hair removal and body prep when you're wearing like a bodysuit or a tiny outfit, how do you get ready for a show?

I didn't know my legs were so fuzzy because I was tied down in so much rehearsal. I swear to you [the Schick Intuition f.a.b.] was what I used before I went on stage. I was rushing and we were in trailers. If you've ever been to Coachella you've seen that. So, I'm in there just rushing, shaving my legs, and I was safe. And put the lotion on my legs, bronzer, and out.

What products do you use for that?

There's this one product called Gleam. It's really awesome. I use that or Scott Barnes Body Bling.

Performing on stage takes so much energy and stamina. What does your current fitness routine look like?

Pilates, boxing, and weights. That's it.

Have there been any like interesting or unusual beauty services that you've tried recently?

I go to this place in L.A. called Beauty Park. And there's an incredible woman there. Her name is Nurse Jamie. She's amazing. She has all these cool lasers that tighten, brighten, lift, and remove and it's like my favorite new thing. It's probably the biggest beauty splurge I've ever had. It's a big one but it's so worth it.

You wrote a whole book on motherhood and have a chapter on hair and skin. What advice do you have for pregnant women or new moms in terms of caring for themselves?

You have to take care of your body when you're pregnant with your baby. I think that a part of taking care of your body is taking care of your baby. Eat the foods that you're supposed to eat for yourself and for the baby. Enjoy resting your feet. Enjoy putting them up. Enjoy giving yourself a facial. Enjoy a night out with friends. Enjoy your mocktails. When I was pregnant, I went out with friends still, not going like too crazy like in clubs in stuff–but I did do that once! I allow myself to have fun. I allow myself to feel beautiful. I have pictures on my phone where I kept taking pictures of my body. And I felt so beautiful pregnant.

TITAN's face................ "Work it JT, work it"

A post shared by Kelly Rowland (@kellyrowland) on Oct 15, 2017 at 6:31pm PDT

After you have the baby you've got to take care of yourself, too. We forget about that. You're so wrapped up in being pregnant but you have to remember after you have that baby, you have to take care of yourself and that's internal, external, mental, physical, emotional. You must take care of yourself. You only get one you. And I think that that's so important. That's a lesson I had to learn after I had my son.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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