Kelly Rizzo Speaks Out About Emmys Tribute for Late Husband Bob Saget

They were together for seven years prior to the actor’s death.

Late actor Bob Saget was recognized during the 74th Annual Emmy Awards 'In Memoriam' segment last night—and his wife, Kelly Rizzo, shared her reaction to the touching moment on social media.

In a post shared Monday night via Instagram Story, Rizzo captured the instant her late husband's memory was honored on the big screen in Los Angeles—and in homes across the globe.

"I've been a wreck all day waiting for this," the 42-year-old wrote, adding, "My heart broke all over again. But I know he'd be proud for this recognition."

Rizzo also noted: "This is still all so d—n weird and surreal."

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The former America's Funniest Home Videos host passed away in February of this year at age 65. He wed Rizzo in 2018 after dating for three years; the two did not have any children together.

This year's tribute was accompanied by John Legend's talent and his new melancholy-filled single, "Pieces."

The 43-year-old singer/songwriter could be seen stroking piano keys as photos of late television stars flashed onscreen directly behind him. Other celebrities remembered during this year's solemn salute were Betty White, Anne Heche, Tony Dow, Estelle Harris, Ray Liotta, and more. Fans were unimpressed that Grease star Olivia Newton-John and Queen Elizabeth were left out of the tribute.

In the clip, a still of the former Full House star appeared in the foreground of a wholesome clip from Season 4, Episode 45 ("The Graduates") of the hit family sitcom.

During this particular episode, Saget's character (Danny Tanner) is seen making an unsuccessful return to dating in his mid-30s and is forced to overcome his subsequent struggles with the idea of aging.

After a failed date with a much-younger woman, his daughter D.J. (played by Candace Cameron Bure) stumbled upon her distraught father—who was singing a sad song in between big bites of chocolate cake—in the kitchen and asked if he was "going through some kind of crisis" before reading her middle school graduation speech.

Then, Saget delivered one of the show's most profound pieces of fatherly advice.

"You can't live for the future, just like you can't live in the past," he said, with the sudden realization and self-awareness that it's precisely what he was doing.

You can watch the original clip from the 1991 episode below, beginning at the 10-minute mark:

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