Kelly Clarkson Reveals Epic 'Voice' Judges Group Text

Niall Horan and Kelly Clarkson bonded on The Kelly Clarkson Show over their singing competition beginnings and being The Voice coaches, prompting the "Since U Been Gone" singer to reveal some behind-the-scenes details of The Voice.

During their chat, Clarson pointed out that while she was experiencing being on American Idol on her own, he at least was on X-Factor with a group of boys his age, who he could rely on.

She then noted that now, as a coach on The Voice, it's a far less lonely experience. "We have a group text we can't tell anyone about, but we have a group text with The Voice coaches," Clarkson revealed.

She then asked Horan if the One Direction members had that kind of camaraderie.

Horan responded saying, "We were so lucky because you'd see all the other artists melting [down] all the time over everything. We were just 16, 17, 18, 19, whatever we were."

He added, "It was so fun. I'd do it again. That's why I'm doing The Voice." Clarkson could relate, saying, "It is an actually cool full circle moment that you get to say 'I've been here.'"

She quipped, "I don't like that that's your pitch though, because that's my pitch!" Horan then told the audience, "She used to [say], 'I came from a show like this' and and then I was like, 'Wait till you see what I've got.'"

"I was like, 'Dammit!'," joked Clarkson.

Clarkson also revealed that when they did a joint sketch for The Voice promos, she thought One Direction won X-Factor, "because you did, in life." She shared that she was shocked when Horan informed her that the group actually came in third. "But congratulations, you killed it [after X-Factor]!," Clarkson remarked.

Horan joined The Voice for season 23, which wrapped up on May 23. Contestant Gina Miles, who was coached by Horan, won.