Kelly Clarkson Fans Think She 'Should Make a Country Album' After Soulful Lainey Wilson Cover

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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson blew her fans away with her beautiful singing chops yet again, and this time, they're even calling for her to switch genres of music.

The soulful pop songstress is known for her powerhouse vocals and expertly delivered covers of popular songs, and during her latest Kellyoke session on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she tried her hand at Lainey Wilson's "Watermelon Moonshine."

"It was right after senior year / Just before the summer disappeared," she began singing as the dimmed lights spotlighted her on stage.

The "Breakaway" artist was appropriately dressed for the performance, rocking a long-sleeved western-style button-up floral patterned blouse paired with high-waist wide-leg denim jeans.

Per usual, the comment section of the video on YouTube was rife with fans applauding her abilities.

"What makes her a talent in her own way is the different genres she can sing! There isn’t a singer out there that can do that! Unique!!!" someone gushed, while another confirmed, "Lainey will love this cover!!"

"I’ve never seen a girl that can sing a plain country song so well and then switch and do Whitney [Houston] Aretha [Franklin] Mariah [Carey] she’s got it best artist of our time ! Making her mark right behind Ms Whitney my queen Kelly you are my soul sister lol," a third said, and a fourth was convinced her voice just "keeps getting better."

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One even went as far as to campaign for an entire country album, writing, "Kelly did an incredible job on this song! She can definitely sing country music. She should make a country album."

Another top-liked comment whole-heartedly agreed with that sentiment, adding, "We need her country album! I will not get tired of saying that!"

Countless more jumped on the bandwagon, penning several notes requesting the same, and we can't say that it's surprising.

Clarkson has continuously shown off the range of her voice, covering every genre from pop and rock to classic soul, disco, R&B, and country, and clearly, her fans can't get enough—no matter what she chooses!

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