Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s Relationship (and, Uh, Divorce) Timeline Is So Bittersweet

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s Relationship (and, Uh, Divorce) Timeline Is So Bittersweet
Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s Relationship (and, Uh, Divorce) Timeline Is So Bittersweet
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Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, are getting divorced after seven full years of marriage, which is basically an eternity in the world of celebrity relationships. And a lot has happened leading up to their split—including 10 months of dating, nonstop sex, two cute kids, a prenup signed days before their wedding (!!!!), tensions in quarantine, and even more tensions at work—’cause yeah, Brandon is Kelly’s manager. Here’s a look back at their relationship for those of us who are nosy bored curious.

Circa 2006

Brandon and Kelly meet for the first time at the American Country Music Awards while Kelly is rehearsing a song with Rascal Flatts, a group Brandon happens to be managing at the time. Here are Kelly and Rascal Flatts on this fated day:

Photo credit: Rick Diamond - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rick Diamond - Getty Images

Circa 2012

Six years later, Brandon and Kelly reconnect through their mutual friend Blake Shelton (who, yeah, Brandon also manages). “We were just in a room together, and then he came up and said he was from the same hometown as me and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re so getting married,’” Kelly told Ryan Seacrest on KISS FM. “I was so that girl. When he became single, I was on the prowl.”

Photo credit: Todd Williamson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Todd Williamson - Getty Images

December 15, 2012

After just 10 months of dating, Brandon proposes to Kelly right before the holidays. Look how happy/cute:

October 2013

Brandon and Kelly get married in Tennessee, and according to The Blast, their prenup was signed just five days before the wedding ceremony. Wild! Anywayyyyy, Kelly shared a cute video of the wedding on Twitter, so enjoy the happier times:

June 12, 2014

Kelly and Brandon welcome their first child together, a baby girl named River Rose. I mean…her face.

April 12, 2016

Kelly and Brandon welcome their second child, a baby boy named Remington. I mean…his face.

December 27, 2019

Things seem to be going well with Brandon and Kelly, or at least, that’s the vibe Kelly gives when she says they have sex Every. Single. Night. “I was single for many years, so…I have children,” she explains on her talk show. “And how one makes children is generally what I do before bed. That’s not a lie. That’s real. And it’s not weird! It’s natural!”

Circa March 2020

Kelly and her family head to their Montana ranch to spend time together as a family during quarantine. Brandon is featured prominently in Kelly’s video tour of their home, just saying.

May 7, 2020

Kelly reportedly lists her house in Los Angeles for $9,995,000. Curious….

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

June 4, 2020

Kelly files for divorce in Los Angeles, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She reportedly asks for joint custody of her and Brandon’s kids, for the court to “terminate the ability to award spousal support,” and for her last name to legally be changed back to Clarkson.

June 11, 2020

News of Kelly and Brandon’s divorce breaks on Us Weekly a full week after her filing. Meanwhile, a source tells Entertainment Tonight that “Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and were making a conscious effort to work things out. They both hoped quarantining away from L.A. in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead, the change in environment was actually detrimental.”

Apparently, “the constant time together seemed to make an already challenging situation worse” and Kelly “knew she just needed to follow her heart and finally realized divorce was her only option.”

June 14, 2020

Kelly Clarkson is seen in Los Angeles without her wedding ring in photos published on the Daily Mail amid news of her divorce filing. A source tells People, “Kelly is spending time in L.A. with her kids” and “she has been low-key and mostly stayed at home. She seems to be doing okay.”

Aaaand that brings us up to date! Stay tuned for more updates on where this former couple stands.

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