How Keke Palmer is using a childbirth simulator on The Sims to prepare for motherhood

Just when we thought Keke Palmer couldn't get any more relatable, the actor revealed she is a hard-core fan of The Sims 4.

In an Instagram Live last month, Palmer opened up to her followers about how much she loves the iconic simulation game and more recently she told Buzzfeed News that she's using The Sims 4 to help prepare her for giving birth.

Palmer – who is expecting her first child with Darius Jackson – said she'd been using The Sims 4 to get her "game together".

"I’ve been thinking, 'What can I do right now? What can I get into?'" she told the outlet of how she's passed the time during her pregnancy. "I would absolutely recommend that other people who are pregnant see what kind of skills they can develop by playing games and going into the metaverse."

keke palmer using sims childbirth simulator to prepare for baby
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The 29-year-old went on to explain that one of her favourite things to do right now is use The Sims 4 to simulate childbirth. As for how she does this, Palmer explained she uses a third-party modification to enhance the game, allowing her character to explore different methods of giving birth (like home birth or caesarean section). Palmer also uses the tool to simulate ultrasounds and partner interactions.

"I’m really connected to [that] right now," Palmer said of the childbirth simulation modification. "It’s more realistic than what actually happens in [The Sims 4] where, boom, a baby just appears."

According to Gamezo, The Sims 4 modification allows players and expectant parents to learn more about preparing for a child. Gamezo notes that once a player's Sim is pregnant, they have the option to meet with an obstetrician, learn about having labour induced and simulate the different types of birth (eg. vaginal or C-section), among other things.

The more you know, eh!?

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