Keep Your Clips Up #5: Best Ski Videos of the Week

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." While he was onto something in the '80s, I don't know if Ferris Bueller's advice applies to 2024. Thanks to the non-stop deluge that is social media, life's now moving at warp speed—blink, and you're out of luck. That’s where Keep Your Clips Up—a weekly collection of the best videos in skiing—comes in.

Another week, another selection of skiing’s finest video entertainment. Pretty soon, we’ll have to start relying on our Southern Hemisphere friends for the content kick, but skiers in the Northern Hemisphere are still taking advantage of winter’s dregs.

A few tasting notes before we get into the meat and potatoes: Parker White still has one of the cleanest triple backflips in the game. Pierre Emile Rochat is probably from a different planet. And, if you’ve ever wondered if skiing to the base of Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, was possible without snow, we now have the answer (it’s a resounding yes—just don’t bring your prized powder skis). Without further ado, here’s this week’s Keep Your Clips Up.

Parker White Tucks for Triple

Twelve-odd years ago, Parker White appeared in one of skiing’s greatest “gotchas.” The video, constructed to resemble a ski movie segment, saw White lining up an enormous Sun Valley, Idaho, kicker. His stated goal? Going for triple. “I’m just tryna be the best skier I can be,” he said, staring into the camera with faux bravado. “If that means triple, I’m gonna do a triple.” Then, he proceeded to do a triple cossack—not the anticipated triple cork—presumably parodying the overly dramatic triple cork videos of that era. But White’s propensity towards goofing off has little to do with his actual on-snow talent, a fact evinced by his recent appearance at Kimbo Sessions. I’ll let White fill in the blanks.

Pierre Emile Rochat Stress Tests His Knees at Jib League

The final stop of Jib League—an alternative freeskiing competition—has come and gone. Held at Myrkdalen, Norway, the event pits a crew of invited and qualified riders against each other across three jam sessions, as is now Jib League tradition. The loosey-goosey format let the skiers run wild, who hucked tricks that were funky, stylish, and weird—sometimes all three. Perhaps the best example of this “attempt whatever the hell comes to mind” ethos was Pierre Emile Rochat, a skier who goes by the moniker @till_i_break_it on Instagram. What he’s intending to break is unclear, but he certainly has a penchant for stress-testing his knees. The crown jewel of his experiments in ligament flexibility at Jib League was a trick Rochat calls the “Screamin’ Griselda.” It appears at this video’s 5:40 mark, but the rest of the footage is more than worth the price of admission.

Death Before Download With James Pavelick

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the season, and vast portions of the lower mountain are bare, grassy, and uninviting. You accept that you’re going catch a lift down the hill until that one person in the group—there’s always that person—utters the rock and grass skiers battle cry: “Death before download!” In his latest video, skier and Youtuber James Pavelick embodied that sentiment, attempting to reach the base of Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, despite a startling lack of snow. Unsurprisingly, his endeavor falls firmly into the “type two fun” category but makes for entertaining viewing.

LINE Skis Delivers a Spring Skiing Swan Song

Pull the crew together. Go golfing; go skiing. Maybe get a sunburn. That’s the premise of LINE Skis’ latest video, which was filmed and cut by Patrick Ring. The destinations? Park City and Brighton. The snow conditions? Perfectly slushy. The result? Another sublime send-off to the 2023-2024 ski season.

Giray Dadali Earns His Turns

Speaking of send-offs, earlier this month, Giray Dadali clambered up Mt. Baldy after Alta Ski Area’s seasonal closure to score some late-season laps. Dadali’s mission occurred on May 11th, a few days after a late-season storm blanketed Utah with fresh snow. This late in the season, pow quickly transforms into its slightly less appetizing cousin—hot pow—, but Dadali made the most of the conditions, capping off the winter with trademark style and grace. His cork 720 remains masterful.

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