Keep Your Clips Up #1: Best Ski Videos Of The Week

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." While he was on to something in the '80s, I don't know if Ferris Bueller's advice applies to 2024. Thanks to the non-stop deluge that is social media, life's now moving at warp speed—blink, and you're out of luck.

That's where we come in. For your viewing pleasure, we've trudged through the algorithmic slop to find this week's best ski videos, serving up a multi-course meal of big-mountain shredding, rail skiing perfection, and a little lichen on rocks for dessert.

Here's what was worth watching in skiing this week.

Ross Tester's Spring Snowbird Campaign

Having cut his teeth on the junior freeride circuit, Ross Tester is no stranger to going massive—conditions be damned. His latest YouTube upload, shot during a spring day at Snowbird, Utah, further proves that his knees must've been replaced with titanium. Fat to flat, indeed.

Olivia Asselin Keeps It Simple And Smooth

Variety might be the spice of life, but in a world of freeskiing tricks so complicated they give calculus a run for its money, something simple—done well—stands out. Olivia Asselin's 450 out of a rail shared this week is a reminder that style goes a long, long way.

Kuura Koivisto Enters A New Dimension

Speaking of simple, it's time to take a trip in the opposite direction. At SuperUnknown 21, Kuura Koivisto might've opened a wormhole with his freeskiing performance, lacing a series of moves that'll make your eyes water. We've officially hit a point where identifying tricks without holding a PhD in park skiing is impossible. Someone call Tom Wallisch.

Jib League Versus Sugar Bowl

Billed as an alternative to the formulaic tendencies of standard slopestyle events, Jib League offers a wider, more varied roster of skiers the opportunity to throw down in a competitive setting. Gone are the do-or-die formats, replaced with hour-and-a-half jam sessions where anything goes. The circuit's stop in Sugar Bowl, California, saw the appearance of more than a few legends, including Maude Raymond and Jossi Wells.

Enjoying Nature With Jake Mageau

Some climb rocks—Jake Mageau slides them. Mageau ticked all the boxes in this video, from unique feature selection to flawless execution. You know you're doing something right when Cody Townsend drops a "🤯" below your video. As usual, we're also lichen what Mageau's doing.

Keep Your Clips Up is officially a recurring column, so stay tuned. Another weekly round-up is coming next Saturday.

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