Who is Kayla Nicole Jones?

Kayla Nicole Jones, is also known as Nicole Tv, is known for creating parody tutorials and funny, viral videos. Here’s what we know about her. Who is Kayla Nicole Jones. Last September, she had two million Instagram followers and the same number of YouTube subscribers. As of October 2020, her pages have exploded with popularity — she now has 4.9 million Instagram followers and 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube. How old is Kayla Nicole Jones. Jones turned 19 years old on May 26, according to Famous Birthdays. How did Kayla Nicole Jones become famous. She shared her first viral video to her Nicole Tv YouTube channel in 2015. “Ponytail tutorial” now has more than 19 million views. Kayla Nicole Jones is currently pregnant with her first child. On Oct. 15, Jones took to Instagram to announce that she was seven months pregnant. Earlier this year, she also shocked her followers by announcing her engagement to an influencer named Luhkye