Kay, So Update: Pete Davidson and EmRata Are Fully Just Keeping Things Casual

pete davidson, emrata
Kay, So Update: Pete & EmRata Are Super Casual Getty Images

Society still appears to be recovering from the news that Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are dating in the wake of their respective high-profile breakups, but please be advised that they're not in a relationship.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Pete and EmRata are "keeping their romance casual" and a source confirms that they're simply having "a good time together."

"Emily is doing well and getting more adjusted to her life as a single mom since her divorce," the insider explains. "She is dating and having fun with it. She's in a good headspace."

GOT IT! But, like...

Meanwhile, ET's source also says that Emily thinks Pete is a "good rebound," explaining "Emily has been seeing Pete and thinks he is super charismatic, funny, and a good rebound. It is casual between them, but she likes that they're comfortable with each other, and have a good time together. Things are going well for her."

pete davidson, emrata
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News that Pete and Emily were dating first hit on November 13 (so...literally 2 minutes ago) thanks to a DeuxMoi tipster who saw the pair in Brooklyn:

The next day, Emily added fuel to the rumor fire by liking this tweet:

While Pete's ex Kim Kardashian had everyone thinking she was ~making points~ by posting a song by Pete's other ex Ariana Grande:

Oh, and Pete + Emily were papped on Pete's birthday, when a source told E! News that "It's still very new, but they have been in nonstop communication and she just went out with him to celebrate his birthday and wanted to make him feel special. It's a chill relationship so far. There's no pressure to make it exclusive, but she really likes him. Pete is charming and winning her over for sure."

Honestly, there's a lot more where all this came from despite the fact that it's been quite literally just a week, so:

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