Katherine Schwarzenegger says Chris Pratt does all the cooking in their house: 'He's very passionate about it'

Katherine Schwarzenegger says Chris Pratt does all the cooking in their house.
Katherine Schwarzenegger says Chris Pratt does all the cooking in their house. "He makes really great breakfast," she shares. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life is serving up a heaping plateful of table talk with people who are passionate about what's on their menu in Deglazed, a series about food.

Katherine Schwarzenegger doesn't lift a finger in the kitchen when husband Chris Pratt is around.

"He's the cook," the 32-year-old author and daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver shares. "He cooks and I'm very grateful. He does all the cooking in our house and he's very, very good at it."

"He's very passionate about it," she adds, "so that makes it all work really well."

Schwarzenegger, who shares 1-year-old daughter, Lyla, with Pratt and is currently pregnant with their second child, says while she enjoys baking, cooking has never been her thing. "I will lovingly admit that my parents have done many wonderful things for me growing up and taught me incredible things," she says, "but cooking is not one of them. It is not something that I'm very good at."

So what's the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star's specialty?

"He makes really great breakfast," Schwarzenegger tells Yahoo Life, "especially as my daughter has gotten older and is able to have different foods, she also loves his breakfast."

"I would say [he's great at making] all breakfast food," she continues, "but I eat like a child: I'm somebody who'd love to have breakfast for dinner. He makes great everything — eggs and waffles — all of it."

Breakfast isn't Schwarzenegger's only child-like food preference. She admits she "eats like a child" most of the time. Her go-to pizza topping? "Cheese," she says. "I'm super simple like a child. The kids' menu is my jam."

Schwarzenegger also loves adding color to her food. "I am obsessed with rainbow sprinkles," she says, "so I would probably bring cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles or ice cream and a big side of rainbow sprinkles to a party."

The author of Maverick and Me, a children's book about her experience rescuing her pet dog, spoke with Yahoo Life as part of her work with Bounty, who is celebrating May's National Pet Month by surprising new pet owners by paying their adoption fees at Best Friends Animal Society and gifting them with Bounty products to clean up pet messes.

"I loved when I heard of this initiative because I'm somebody who is already a huge animal-lover and have a rescue dog," she shares. "I love anything I can do to further be a voice for the voiceless and spread awareness about how awesome animal rescue and adoption is."

In her own home, which she shares with a dog and a toddler, Schwarzenegger says Bounty is key. "I use rolls and rolls all day long," she says. "It seems like paper towels are what I'm constantly reaching for. There are constant messes."

But while mom life can be hectic, Schwarzenegger says she loves building family traditions. One of her favorite food traditions is one her mom, Maria Shriver, has carried on throughout her life.

"My mom has a tradition of baking a 'homemade' cake for everyone's birthdays, but really they're a Betty Crocker cake in a box," she says. "She definitely has made it super-important that since we were born she always makes us a cake on our birthday. She's never missed a birthday."

"Everybody loves her cake and likes them better than any [store-bought] cake we can buy," she adds. "It's also really fun to see her do that and know it's a tradition she will pass on to my kids."

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