Katherine Heigl Looks So Different With Dark Brown Hair

Erin Lukas

Katherine Heigl is known for her signature bright blonde hair, but she is down for a major hair makeover if a role calls for it. The Grey's Anatomy star just gave her hair color a complete 180 for her upcoming Netflix series Firefly Lane.

The actress, who's normally very blonde, now has dark chocolate brown hair and looks like a totally different person. She shared her new look with a selfie on Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, going from light blonde hair to a deep brunette shade takes some time. Heigl documented the entire process on her Instagram Story.

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She passed the time with champagne and a book. Heigl's novel of choice was City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, a story set in 1940s New York. The Eat, Pray, Love author has said she wants this novel to “go down like a champagne cocktail — light and bright, crisp and fun.” Looks like Heigl gets it.


According to Heigl, the coloring session took three hours. But it is clearly worth it when the final brunette shade is that rich and shiny.


Thank you Katherine Heigl for making a convincing case to go darker for fall, and for the end-of-summer book recommendation.

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