Kate Middleton Is Writing Her Own Personal Comments on Instagram

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  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
    Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is leaving personal comments on Instagram for entries to her COVID-19 photography project called "Hold Still."

  • The duchess is signing off on the comments with a "C," for her first name.

  • "Hold Still," in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, intends to capture in photographs the United Kingdom amid this unprecedented global health crisis.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is getting more hands-on with the official royal social media accounts.

After launching her photography initiative, "Hold Still," in early May, the Duchess of Cambridge is now commenting on the entries for the project, which aims to capture the mood of the United Kingdom brought on by the unprecedented global health crisis.

The submission deadline for "Hold Still" has already passed, so Kate has been vocalizing her appreciation for the entries over the past few weeks, according to People.

On one photo taken by Zoe Norfolk, Kate wrote, "Thank you so much for taking part in the Hold Still project. I get so much joy from being outside and gardening too. C"

For another picture that captured a disgruntled child being schooled at home, the duchess referenced her own children. "My children will very much relate to this," she wrote. "Thank you for taking part and sharing your story! C"

Kate also praised a photo taken by a four-year-old. "I love this! What a budding photographer," she wrote. "Please don’t forget to submit your photo in the link bio if you haven’t done so already. C"

Jo Haycock's submission featured an elderly man resting by a doorway. The duchess commented, "Thank you for sharing your story. This time has really enabled us to stop, think and reminisce. C"

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I had a tricky time during my secondary school days, but that’s a whole new photo project for one distant day. But to relate it to this, I remember hoarding crisps, chocolate and a flask of tea among the spiders and gardening tools late one school night. Walking to the bus top the next morning, meeting my best friend, turning around and sneaking down the side of the house with her and into the sacred building that is my father’s shed. We even had a radio with the top 40 pop music charts repeating all our fave tunes. With a clear view to the kitchen window, and remembering to turn the volume down when mum came out to hang the washing. I don’t want to up the comedy factor too much, of what was a pretty difficult time in my school-life back then, but I do chuckle at the memory of this, and my parents now sighing with resignation and groaning with a “I really don’t want to hear anymore about this” attitude! ****************************************. Through My Childhood Window is a reactive personal photographic project to record my parents in every room of their house, through the window of my childhood home. A room at a time, each time I deliver their food shop during this Covid-19 pandemic. . . . . . . . . #personalphotoproject #myfamilystory #johaycockphotography #storiesoftheeveryday #throughmychildhoodwindow #realfamilymoments #livingthroughapandemic #phlocklive #fortheloveofthephotograph #homefrontstories #covid19diaries #communitystories #documentarian #throughmychildhoodwindow #emotivephotography #storiesoftheeveryday @nationalportraitgallery #thebeautifulreal #thisdetailedlife #parentingteens #familyphotojournalism #documentaryfamilyphotography #familystories #quarantinestories #photographerswithoutborders #authenticallytold #holdstill2020

A post shared by Jo Haycock (@johaycockphotography) on May 23, 2020 at 11:47am PDT

Sapna Odlin took a picture of her neighbor, a nurse, who posed in scrubs in her doorway. Kate wrote, "Thank you so much for sharing your story and for the amazing work you all continue to do at such a difficult time. C"

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‘Doortraits’ lockdown stories of my neighbours. This is beautiful Christine, she’s a nurse in my block at Albion Terrace. She has a heart made of solid gold 🥰 she follows her cat around the communal gardens to make sure it doesn’t make a mess. She leaves me Hostas in my terrace. She also saves lives. This is Christine’s story in her words This is my lockdown photo story. I wanted to wear my work scrubs for this photo because right now being a nurse feels such a strong part of my identity. For many the current lockdown means staying safe and staying at home. For me lockdown means that I continue to work full time as a nurse in the NHS. Emotions and feelings cover the whole spectrum from anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion to feeling grateful, hopeful and finding joy in the small things. The beautiful roses are from the communal gardens. These roses remind me of my grandmother and thinking of her gives me strength. The photographs are of my family who are all in New Zealand and now seem so much further away. I wonder how long it will be until flights resume and I can hug my mum and dad again. Does your street need lockdown photos? Check my bio for more Doortraits of my neighbours 🖤 #picturinglockdown #lockdown2020 #lockdownphotography #lockdowncommunity #albionterrace #rg1 #readingphotographer #documentaryphotography #insta_readinguk #reallives #sapnaodlinphotography #covidphotography #coviddiaries #covidlife @nationalportraitgallery #holdstill @kensingtonroyal #doortraits #doortrait #doortraits4nhs #veday75 #readingnurse #holdstill2020 #lovenhs #nursesrock @nhsenglandldn @nhsengland @thercn @historicengland

A post shared by Sapna Odlin (@sapnaodlin) on May 9, 2020 at 2:36pm PDT

Under a picture of a mom holding her baby while looking out the window, Kate commented, "This is an amazing image, thank you for taking part! C"

And Anna Mehta captured a photo of her child blowing a dandelion. Kate wrote to her, "A perfect example of Hold Still…the chance to re-engage and value the simple things around us. C"

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