This Kate Middleton-Loved Necklace Makes the Sweetest Mother's Day Gift

Kate Middleton has access to a gem collection that would — frankly — make MacKenzie Scott and Melinda Gates faint. You'd think that one of the most sentimental pieces in her collection would carry at least an eight-figure price tag.

But it's actually under $200. The personalizable Merci Maman's The Duchess Necklace is the absolutely perfect Mother's Day Gift for a magnificent matriarch.

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Merci Maman's The Duchess Necklace is $189 and was once worn by The Duchess (now Princess of Wales) herself.

Shop it: The Duchess Necklace, $189 at Merci Maman

The UK jewelry brand with a French name (it also has studios in Paris and Berlin) was founded in 2007 but became a worldwide name in 2013 after the birth of Prince George. Reportedly, Pippa Middleton gifted her sister the piece to celebrate the future King's birth. Middleton loved and wore it. And, like Diana, the Princess of Wales before her, she created a demand for the necklace that still exists a decade later. It remains a bestseller.

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In 2023, the engravable Merci Maman Duchess charm necklace makes a perfect gift to celebrate a new mom or any mom this Mother's Day. The customizable piece comes in 18K gold-played, sterling silver or 18K rose gold. For $185, you can get a disc charm with the child's name on it. The name is specially hand-engraved in the brand's London studio and allows Mom to keep the only person who has heard her heartbeat from the inside close to her heart on the outside.

The necklace also includes a small girl or boy charm and a mini heart. Additional charms can be added for an extra fee, making this gift applicable and special for mamas with multiple children. The 18-inch chain is included with the $189 price, but you can choose two longer ones if the mother in your life likes lengthier styles.

The sweet gift comes in a complementary box, adding a regal polish.

Merci Maman's The Duchess Necklace boasts a 4.7-star rating, with 84% giving the gem of a gift a perfect score.

One user made like Pippa and gifted it to her sister, scoring her major points with the woman who made her an aunt.

"It was a present [for] my sister, [and] she loved it — very nice necklace. I would like to buy one for [myself]," the 5-star fan wrote.

“My husband and baby bought this necklace for me as a gift to celebrate returning to work at the end of my maternity leave. It’s a perfect reminder [to keep] them close to my heart while I’m at work during the day. The design is beautiful," said another fan.

The jewelry isn't just for moms in the trenches. Grandmas also adore the keepsake charm necklace.

"I am so very pleased with this necklace that represents my three grandchildren! It is beautiful and a perfect length," one happy matriarch wrote.

"The Duchess necklace is gorgeous and celebrates my two beautiful grandchildren. I gifted my daughter with it, and she was so surprised. Plus, it connects us to Diana and Kate!” raved another.

Mother's Day can be a challenging one for bereaved parents. But one loss mother holds this necklace especially close to her heart.

"I can't thank you enough for this incredible necklace! My baby was born as a preterm boy who survived two weeks only in the NICU. The pain I have is unimaginable, but...I chose your brand to keep his memory alive and his name close to my heart," wrote another reviewer, Farah.

It's incredible the necklace provides some comfort to this mom. It's clearly a thoughtful gift for all sorts of mothers, mother figures and grandmas, and it won't break the bank.. The Duchess Necklace, $189 at Merci Maman