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Kate Hudson says 'diet is a word I like to stay away from'

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Kate Hudson, like many others, is kicking off 2019 with a resolution to live a healthier life and figuring out what that means for her. “What is my new year going to look like? What are going to be the habits that I’m going to change?” she shares with Yahoo Lifestyle.

To help reach her goals, Hudson — who gave birth to a baby girl in October — has signed on to become the newest global ambassador of WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). The actress, entrepreneur and co-founder of Fabletics, will appear with Oprah Winfrey and an international group of WW members in the company’s new global campaign, “For Every Body.”

Kate Hudson has signed on to become the newest global ambassador of <a href="https://go.skimresources.com?id=125078X1586062&xs=1&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weightwatchers.com%2Fus%2F" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:WW" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">WW</a> (formerly known as <a href="https://go.skimresources.com?id=125078X1586062&xs=1&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weightwatchers.com%2Fus%2F" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Weight Watchers" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">Weight Watchers</a>). (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)
Kate Hudson has signed on to become the newest global ambassador of WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle)

“I came on board with WW to continue my journey in health and wellness and longevity and share that with as many people as possible,” the 39-year-old says.

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Since some may question why a celebrity who is naturally slim would utilize WW, Hudson says: “I think one of the misconceptions is that, for some reason, if you are someone like me that you don’t need WW. Leading a healthy lifestyle is for every body type. It’s for the fitness fanatic as much as it is for someone who is just learning how to create more healthy habits in their life.”

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So…here we go! The routine with our baby is getting more familiar and I’m ready to start taking a little time in the day focusing on myself. For me that means my health. Why? Because I wanna be around a long time for these three kiddos of mine. I know that some are curious about what that means and for all you moms (wether working or not working moms) it is the most challenging thing in the world to balance kids and personal time. Let’s be honest, kids take the number one position and it’s haaaaard to make the time for yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve spent my life time trying all kinds of new things that are focused on health and wellness. Because I am on a mission right now to get back to my fighting weight 😉 and my strong body/mind back I want to bring you in on some of this journey. If you want to follow a more in-depth of my to-dos, @prettyhappy will be posting all kinds of fun tidbits from exercises we are loving to foods/recipes we ❤️ and meditation practices I just can’t live without 🧘‍♀️ MY GOAL: I will be shooting a film in the spring and I’m looking to shed 25lbs. I’d like to try new workouts and eat as healthy as I can. I wanna do all this and keep up milk production, raise my kids, work everyday, make time for my man, have girlfriend time and stay sane! 🤪 I know that this sounds more like a new year resolution but after Thanksgiving and everyone thanking their health, I feel motivated to keep that up. Much love and hope everyone’s Having an amazing start to the holidays! 💋

A post shared by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Nov 29, 2018 at 8:24am PST

She is also aware that her situation — not only as an actress, but also as the daughter of two famous parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — is unique. “I can only speak for myself and [I] grew up very differently than most people,” she says. “My mom is very much into her own health and wellness, and she’s very active. I grew up watching that — that’s a foundation for me that is just there.”

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As a mom of three, Hudson can relate when it comes to the challenge of finding time to exercise between working and raising a family. While she likes to stay active, even if it’s just taking a walk with her kids, she’s not a fan of the word “diet.” “Diet is a word I like to stay away from because I don’t think that allows or helps people really make lifestyle changes.”

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A post shared by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Dec 17, 2018 at 6:31pm PST

She continues: “I think you have to first tell yourself that you want to make certain changes in your life. Then you really learn how to eat well.”

For Hudson, it’s all about finding balance and a sustainable way of eating, rather than feeling deprived so she can reach a certain number on the scale. “You know when you can indulge and you know when you need to go back to your baseline,” she says. “For me, that’s not a diet. That’s just the way I live. The balance is where I’m happiest.”

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