Kate Bush’s Reaction to “Running Up That Hill” Being #1 Thanks to ‘Stranger Things’ Is So Perfect

Photo credit: United Archives - Getty Images
Photo credit: United Archives - Getty Images

“Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush is having a moment thanks to Stranger Things and has remained at the top of the Billboard charts consistently pretty much since season 4 dropped. The song’s resurgence in popularity has already made Kate $2.3 million in streaming royalties (specifically between May 27 and June 23), and if you’re wondering how she feels about everything, the answer is…amazing. Like, she reached! the top! of the hill!

Kate responded to “Running Up That Hill” going viral in a series of blog posts on her site, and at first, she had this to say:

“You might’ve heard that the first part of the fantastic, gripping new series of Stranger Things has recently been released on Netflix. It features the song ‘Running Up That Hill,’ which is being given a whole new lease of life by the young fans who love the show—I love it too! Because of this, ‘Running Up That Hill’ is charting around the world and has entered the UK chart at #8. It’s all really exciting! Thanks very much to everyone who has supported the song.”

Then the song reached #2 on the UK charts and she was fully blown away:

“How utterly brilliant! It’s hard to take in the speed at which this has all been happening since the release of the first part of the Stranger Things new series. So many young people who love the show, discovering the song for the first time. The response to ‘Running Up That Hill’ is something that has had its own energy and volition. A direct relationship between the shows and their audience and one that has stood completely outside of the music business. We’ve all been astounded to watch the track explode!”

And then it reached #4 in the U.S. and #1 in Norway and Austria, and Kate simply couldn’t deal:

“The track is being responded to in so many positive ways. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this before! I just want to say a really big thank you to everyone in the U.S. who has supported the song. It’s the first time I’ve had a Top 10 single over there and now it’s in the top 5!”

She also dedicated a post to thanking the Duffer Brothers and hopped back online after the last two episodes of the season dropped and the song entered its third week at #1.

“We’re all so excited! In fact, it’s all starting to feel a bit surreal,” she said. “I’ve just watched the last two episodes of Stranger Things and they’re just through the roof. No spoilers here, I promise. I’d only seen the scenes that directly involved the use of the track and so I didn’t know how the story would evolve or build. I was so delighted that the Duffer Brothers wanted to use ‘RUTH’ for Max’s totem but now having seen the whole of this last series, I feel deeply honored that the song was chosen to become a part of their roller coaster journey. I can’t imagine the amount of hard work that’s gone into making something on this scale. I am in awe. They’ve made something really spectacular.”

So happy for Kate! Time to go listen to “Running Up That Hill” approximately 80 more times today, bye.

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