Kate Bosworth Reveals The Secret to Her Coachella Style at the Coach Party

Kate Bosworth wears Coach.

Kate Bosworth has been the unofficial queen of Coachella having attended consistently for several years, but now the actress is ready to hand over the title to her 17-year-old step-daughter. “I’m so excited to see Jasper do her thing,” she says, sitting under a cabana in the Soho Desert House for the Coach Backstage afternoon pool party after saying hello to Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Echosmith is playing on a small stage nearby and Bosworth pauses to remark how much she likes their new single. “I love the youthful way she approaches it. She came over to our hotel room so we could give her some tickets and could put the final touches on her outfit – I had a flower crown for her. I was thinking, ‘I’m so happy she’s doing this now because she’s having so much fun.’ I was also thinking, ‘How long have I been doing this now?’”

Bosworth, who has been coming out to the desert for Coachella for the past five years, claims she doesn’t pull her outfits together too far in advance. “It was so last minute,” she exclaims. “Usually it starts with one piece, like on Saturday I’m wearing the suede star boots that I’m obsessed with from my shoe line. Starting with a piece like that helps to inform what else I want to wear. It was quite last minute and actually it was accidental. There was a dress that had been sent to me and I cut it really short because I’m trying to master the temperature of the whole thing. In the day it’s super warm and in the evening it gets quite chilly. So I cut it really short and I’ll bring a jacket. That’s how it was decided, honestly!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Coach’s Stuart Vevers. 

The actress apparently chops up all her pieces. She holds up her small white Dakotah Crossbody Coach bag, part of the Spring 2015 collection, which has been modified. Bosworth admits that she cut the long strap and glued it to create a small handle. “I made this into a tiny because the long thing kept falling off my shoulders,” Bosworth says, confirming that she’s pretty sure Coach artistic director Stuart Vevers won’t mind. “He’s so badass. I don’t know if he’s seen it yet or not. But I love it. Honestly if someone chopped off the middle bit of my shoe because they think it’s cooler, I would love it because it just means that someone responds to something and makes it their own.”

Jena Malone, who is taking a break from shooting a movie to hang out at Coachella this weekend, also brought along a 17-year-old music fan. The 30-year-old actress’s little sister Madison is her date for the event. “It’s way more for her than me,” Malone says. “I’m so over Coachella. I feel like I’m too old to be here sometimes, like ‘What am I supposed to be doing? Where’s my wine bar and my shade?’”

Zoe Kravitz in Coach. 

The sisters like a lot of the same music, despite their difference in age, especially Father John Misty, who they’re both excited to see this weekend. “We’re obsessed with the record,” Malone says. “I invited her to go Chateau Marmont recently and she’s like, ‘You mean the Chateau lobby where you can play piano?’ Because it’s in their song. And she played the piano in the lobby. That’s what it is to be 17.”

It’s only Malone’s second time at Coachella and in a lot of ways it feels like her first real experience. “Last year was the first time and I was really sick and I was performing for the Samsung party with my band,” she recounts, gesturing to her T-shirt, which is for her musical project The Shoe. “I literally went to the festival for less than two hours because there was a sandstorm. I had so much phlegm that I could feel it sticking to the back of my throat. I was like, ‘I have to get out of here. I’m dying.’ I mostly stayed in my bed in my hotel room. It was such a whirlwind.”

Jena Malone wears Coach. 

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