Kate Beckinsale Keeps Proving She's the Queen of the Funny Thirst Trap

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Kate Beckinsale Keeps Proving She's the Queen of the Funny Thirst Trap

By now, it's common knowledge that Kate Beckinsale has a thing for her cat, Willow—specifically, dressing her up in costumes. Apparently, Willow is also the cat you want around when sh*t goes down.

Earlier this week, the Guilty Party actress dropped a photo on Instagram of herself clutching Willow while looking off in the distance and investigating a suspicious noise. And, of course, she also took the opportunity to show off her washboard abs, as one does. “We heard a noise,” she wrote in the caption.

The 48-year-old actress isn't shy about sharing how she keeps herself in such great shape, either. Beckinsale previously told Women's Health that she didn’t start working out until she starred in 2001’s Pearl Harbor, when director Michael Bay asked her to lose weight for her role as a WWII nurse. While Beckinsale wasn’t exactly thrilled with the comments at the time, she discovered that she actually enjoys hitting the gym.

Now, the Underworld film series star says, working out regularly is just part of her life. "I wake up, eat something, and go straight to the gym," she told WH. "Then, if I’m going to do cardio, I’ll do it later on in the day."

Her trainer, Brad Siskind of Gunnar Peterson’s gym, told WH that she’s all business. “The whole hour is work," he said. What kind of work does she put in? It’s more like what doesn’t she do. Beckinsale's big on exercises that work a few muscles at once, like doing bicep curls while she squats or situps with combination punches. She also likes cardio intervals, like 90 to 120-second bursts on the rower or VersaClimber, or one-leg pushes on a curved SkillMill treadmill.

“She’s a strong person. I see her six days a week, and she rarely misses a workout," Siskind told WH. "If she does, there’s a good reason. Because otherwise, she’s crushing it.”

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