Are Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace Over?

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Kate Beckinsale Isn’t a Brunette Anymore

Summer 2019 will go down as the one where celebrities couldn't stop changing their hair.

Kate Beckinsale's quarantine romance may have come to an end. According to The Daily Mail, all signs point to her fling with Canadian rapper Goody Grace fizzling out. Evidence of their split include Beckinsale unfollowing Grace on Instagram (case closed, really) and the deletion of her comment, "I love you," on one of his posts.

Beckinsale has also removed all mention of Grace from her Instagram feed, though the move wasn't mutual. People notes that Grace still has photos of Beckinsale on his account, including the post he made for her birthday, which shows him in a hippo mask playing guitar while Beckinsale sits nearby with her dog.

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"Happy birthday @katebeckinsale i love you," he captioned the image, which previously had Beckinsale's "I love you" comment.

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People adds that Grace and Becklinsale started seeing each other back in April. The magazine confirmed that they'd been together since earlier and that Grace was spending the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown at Beckinsale's home.

"Kate enjoys his company," a source told People. "She finds him very mature, smart and creative. He entertains her with music, they cook and watch movies. She thinks he is the perfect quarantine boyfriend."