Kate Beckinsale’s Abs And Legs Are Pure Fire In a New IG Photo Dump

Kate Beckinsale’s Abs And Legs Are Pure Fire In a New IG Photo Dump
  • Kate Beckinsale is back on social media after a three-week-long Instagram hiatus.

  • The 48-year-old actress casually posted a brand new photo dump, wearing a yellow Moschino skirt suit that she paired with a matching crop top. And her abs and legs are absolutely on fire 🔥

  • Kate, who didn't work out until her 20s, now says that fitness plays a huge role in her mental health. And these days, intense full-body workouts—alongside yoga, trampoline exercises, and cardio—keep her in killer shape.

Attention everyone: Kate Beckinsale is back on Instagram after a three-week hiatus and she’s clearly not messing around.

Kate casually reappeared with a series of snaps that featured the 48-year-old actress posing in a bright yellow Moschino skirt suit and a crop top that showed off ridiculously toned abs and sculpted legs. Her cat Clive adorably got in on the action, wearing a hot pink pig-printed onesie. There’s Kate (and her sick muscle tone), posing with Clive while standing, seated, and casually lounging on a hammock.

“Please signal your acceptance of our terms blah blah Big Ben etc,” Kate wrote in the caption.

People pretty much freaked in the comments. “Please can you remove this woman from Instagram, every time I look at her my heart stops, she drives me crazy,” one person wrote. “Looking fantastic Kate ♥️♥️♥️♥️,” another said.

Kate has been open about not getting into exercise until she was in her 20s, when director Michael Bay told her in 2001 that she needed to lose weight for her role as a nurse caught in a serious love triangle in Pearl Harbor. “It wasn’t great, it didn’t make me feel good," she told Women's Health. But, Kate said, she discovered that she actually loves working out. “Now exercise is almost more important to me mood-wise,” she said.

Kate makes a point to start her day with a solid sweat session, breaking down her routine for WH: "I wake up, eat something, and go straight to the gym.” She even does two-a-days sometimes. “If I’m going to do cardio, I’ll do it later on in the day,” she said.

BTW: Kate doesn’t screw around during those workouts. Her trainer, Brad Siskind of Gunnar Peterson’s gym, said that she’s really serious about her exercise. “The whole hour is work,” he told WH. Peterson agrees, telling Us Weekly that Kate is “definitely up there among my hardest workers. I mean every single day is push, push, push.”

Speaking of…um, have you seen the workouts Kate does? She’s dropped little snippets on Instagram here and there, and they’re seriously intense.

There was that time Kate combined boxing with abs roll-ups and roll-downs:

And when she flipped a 150-pound tire like it was NBD:

Kate also has some seriously impressive squatting form. The proof is in this hilarious video:

But Kate doesn’t ~just~ lift weights. She also throws yoga into the mix—with or without goats.

Naturally, Kate balances that all out with a healthy diet. She told WH she likes to start her day with some kind of protein, like chicken or eggs with grass-fed butter. Lunch might be a salad with radishes, Brussels sprouts, and safflower oil, alongside salmon and a handful of potato chips, because why not?

BRB: Gotta watch that tire-flipping video again…

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